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Marlfield House Wedding

There is something so effortlessly romantic about an outdoor wedding. Whether it is by the beachside, in the familiarity of your own backyard or in a lovely garden, the natural elements come together quite beautifully to serve as decor. The venue was the exquisite Marlfield house and gardens. Set on thirty six acres of magnificent gardens in Gorey co.Wexford, the Marlfield house stands as one of Ireland’s most romantic and impressive country houses. The lakeside country house offered an aura of serenity and tranquillity which couldn’t be any more perfect for what was set out to be an amazing day. It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding, the weather was just warm enough, with the sun peeking out every now and then.

The part of the gardens where the ceremony was to be held was wonderfully decorated with hanging white and green floral arrangements. A paved pathway divided the lawn into two sides, both sides of the path were lined with rows of beautiful cream coloured wooden chairs for the ceremony. At the end of the paved path was the stage, the staged was simply designed with a table covered with a white cotton table cloth and specially decked out with similar white floral arrangement. On the right side of the stage were two chairs draped with green and white flowers, which would later serve as seats for the couple. On the far end of the right side of the stage, with about four chairs was a small green tent where the musical band were to perform from. The overall scenery though very simple was just as lovely and picturesque.

The bride started off her big day in a wine session with a few girlfriends in the gardens just behind the main hall of the country house. She spent the time in a bathrobe drinking wine and relishing the outdoors in the early morning sun with her friends. The session was adjourned so the bride could get ready for the ceremony. She got dolled up in one of the rooms in the countryside house, a luxuriously furnished room decorated with embroidered couches, posh sofas, and comfortable upscale furniture. The make up was a toned down yet flawless natural look with her hair stylishly pulled back and wrapped in a bun.

For her wedding gown, the bride wore a modern day princessy ivory-white mermaid gown. The strapless organza fabric accentuated her waist line, hugged the hips, and flared out a bit at the knees to give the classic mermaid frame. The dress had a sweetheart neckline that scoops down in the back, a big white bow made from a netty fabric was attached to the back of the dress, where the back drop ends. Attached to the bow was a long white train made from a similar fabric that would trail behind the bride as she walked down. As a finishing touch, a veil that hung just a little above the waist was pinned to her neatly styled hair. Despite being a relatively simple white dress devoid of embroidery, beading and relating embellishments, the luxurious organza fabric gown was all effortlessly classic and elegant. Other than a pair of beautiful stud diamond earrings, the bride did not wear any other piece of jewelry.

After being helped through the dressing up process by her bridesmaids, the father of the bride was ushered into the room, where he hugged her and held her hand as he led out. And she looked nothing short of ethereal as she walked hand in hand with her father through the main hall to the outdoors where her groom, the priest and guests were all waiting. Soft classical music had been slowly drifting through the crowd, then the music stopped and the bridal chorus began to play. Everyone stood up and all heads were turned to the far end of the aisle as two bridesmaids in cream coloured sleeveless ball gowns made their way down the isle to usher in the bride. Then down the aisle she came with her matching white roses silk bouquet. Her father held her right hand and they both smiled as they got to the end of the isle where the groom, his best man and officiating pastor all stood beaming.

In a single breasted tuxedo worn over a white shirt and black tie with a brown coloured vest, the groom looked equally stunning, the best man wore a similar outfit to the groom’s. The couple shared a quick kiss before they took their seats in front of the guest. The pastor, gorgeously dressed in a lacy white dress with a complimenting teal jacket officiated the ceremony. One of the major highlights of the event was when a group of four children read out a beautifully worded essay to the soon-to-be couple. Afterwards, while the band of stringed instruments players- cellist and violinists- played soft music in the background, the couple read out their vows to each other. It was the stand out moment of the wedding and the bride teared up a bit as the groom read his vows to her.

After the exchange of vows and rings, as a physical representation of the union, the pastor performed the ‘handfasting’ rite. A literal tying of the knot by symbolically wrapping and tying a black ribbon around the clasped right hand of the groom and the left hand of the bride while the guests applauded. After the wedding ceremony, the guest were served various sumptuous dishes on the grounds as the band entertained and played for the remainder of the event. At the end of it all, it was quite the memorable experience, a celebration of the union of two souls already attuned to each other, the joining of two endowments which diminishes neither but enhances both.

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