K + M | Moody Engagement Session | Wicklow Mountains

I was fortunate to be asked by Kate&Michael to do their engagement session in Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. They had flown in from United States especially to become engaged in this beautiful and scenic setting. They had actually seen photos of other couples in this beautiful location and this gave them the idea to become engaged here. The couple was good looking and madly in love with each other. They were really cool and relaxed and this helped me to get some amazing and very romantic photos. The location was exotic with breathtaking scenery surrounding them.
Kate&Michael have in love for quite some time and it shows in the photos I clicked in the beautiful settings of Wicklow Mountains. Even though the weather was a bit gloomy, the couple still looked lovely, oblivious of everything around them.
They were in a  mood to take back some beautiful memories of the beautiful scenery in Wicklow Mountains. This location is an incredible for shooting pictures. Regardless of the weather and the occasions, one marvels at the mesmerizing beauty of this place.  I was helped by the fact that this couple were madly in love with each made. In addition, the couple looked very natural and composed and I did not need to ask them to make faces or look here and there. Both are very photogenic and looked gorgeous which made my job all the more easy. Kate had worn a maroon color long dress and she looked stunning with her hair let loose on her shoulders. Michael was wearing a formal coat suit that was tailored to perfection according to his physique. They complimented each other very well and the fact is corroborated in my photos of this session. Even though there was a cover f dark clouds over our heads, sun did break out for a brief period and I clicked many photos in this time.
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