M + V | South of France Wedding | Mariage au Mas des Thyms à Arles

It was set in France, one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever photographed and with the most amazing couple. The groom from Germany was looking very handsome, and the bride! Oh the beautiful French bride was so stunning in her dress and she oozed such a positive, beautiful aura around her which definitely set the tone for her perfect day, a beautiful and serene outdoor ceremony at the breath-taking MAS DES THYMS. I couldn’t have picked a better venue and my camera was definitely happy to capture all of the amazing moments as evident in the pictures. The couple got ready for their big moment in Arles City and then proceeded to MAS DES THYMES for their ceremony and reception.

The wedding planner MC2 Mon Amour for this event definitely outdid herself as everything was just gorgeous! From the flowers to the decoration and the cake! I loved the simple and elegant theme of the event and I was amazed at the outburst of emotion from the couple and the entire audience. They are deeply in love and definitely made it easy for me to capture those priceless moments.

One of my favourite moments in this wedding was the reading of the vows, mainly because the couple couldn’t stop crying. They looked at each other with so much love and affection in their eyes and you can tell that this was definitely a dream come true for them. I feel honoured and lucky to have been a part of this wonderful event and I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness!