S + J | Inish Beg Estate Wedding | West Cork Wedding Photographer

Ireland has been a favorite wedding destination for thousands of couples from all parts of the world. This is both because of its exotic locations and beautiful weather. I was fortunate to be asked by S+J to cover their wedding ceremony that was recently organized and celebrated by invited friends and relatives in Inish Beg Estate in Wet Cork. The actual ceremony took place inside a church but the reception was organized at this estate. Also, I captured all those intimate getting ready moments inside this estate.

For those who do not know, Inish Beg is a private property situated on an island. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway. This estate contains a large beautiful house, several cottages, and a boat house to present itself as a perfect venue for an intimate family event.

It was a beautiful day in Ireland on the day of the wedding with warm and sunny weather conditions. As you can see in the pictures, it were the bridesmaids who kept the atmosphere vibrant and entertaining with their incessant laughing and chirping. The bride who was naturally beautiful was turned into an angel by the makeup artist. Much of the credit goes to her mermaid wedding gown for making her look stunning as a bride. When she finally stepped out with a bouquet in her hands, all eyes were glued upon her and her mesmerizing bridal dress. Her bridesmaids presented an interesting contrast in their black sequin dresses. The bride and her bridesmaids looked majestic with bouquets made of white flowers in their hands.

Wedding ceremony inside the church was a very warm and solemn affair that was made lively by the presence of three small kids of the bride. The groom looked very smart and elegant in his navy blue suit.

After the ceremony, all the guests headed to the estate where they enjoyed drinks and sumptuous lunch. There was live music played by the musicians and everyone seemed to be enjoying the party. Friends of the groom and the bride could not resist their temptation and started to dance. There were smiles and laughter all around and everyone was relaxed and having fun.

The highlight of the reception turned out to be a lively dance performance by the bride and the groom. All gathered guests were in high spirits and enjoying the ceremony.

I would like to convey my thanks to S+J for allowing me a chance to be a part of their wedding party.