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I was invited to cover the wedding of Tiphanie and Shiva which was held in a beautiful castle in France. I still remember the day when this beautiful couple contacted me on Skype and requested me to do photography for their wedding. It was like a dream come true for me as I have been a big fan of this castle and here I was getting a chance to be a part of all the celebrations. Now that the wedding and all the celebrations are over, I must say this castle called Merlin, one with which historical figure like King of Arthur is associated, was a perfect venue for this wedding. It was not only full of grandeur and awe inspiring but also added a touch of glamour and aura to the whole event.

My day started with Tiphanie and her bridal party in a beautiful suite at the castle. Everyone was in a happy and joyous mood, especially Tiphanie who was very excited at the prospect of getting married. There were giggles and laughter filling the room as Tiphanie was getting ready in her exquisite bridal dress. It was quite a lively atmosphere and I got a chance to take lots of mesmerizing photos of the bride as she was getting prepared for the ceremony. Tiphanie looked absolutely gorgeous in her white gown with frills and laces.  There was excitement building up among the bridal party as guests started to arrive in the beautiful lawn of the castle.

The fact that I was a common friend of Shiva and Tiphanie made it easier for me to gel with the friends and other guests. It was as if I was a part of the celebrations. Never for a moment did I feel an outsider. Perhaps this feeling of being an insider helped me in capturing the true emotions and happiness of everyone who had come to enjoy this wedding ceremony. As Tiphanie walked out towards the venue of the wedding, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands, there was a loud cheer from the assembled guests. It was a bright and sunny morning and the lawn was decorated with flowers to create a magical ambience for the guests. There speeches from close relatives and friends and everyone enjoyed the sumptuous wedding breakfast. Bouquets were tossed up in the air and fireworks were lighted to make the occasion memorable and full of enjoyment.

On my part, I was busy capturing the ceremonies as well as the emotions of the close relatives and friends who enjoyed the event to the hilt. It was a truly wonderful event and I felt honored to get the chance to cover the wedding to create sweet memories for the bride and the groom. Everything was so well organized that the entire wedding appeared to be a fairytale for the guests who had come to be a part of these celebrations.

Special Thanks to Magaly and Estelle from MC2 Mon Amour for their really hard work!!!

Château de Pierrefonds Wedding Château de Pierrefonds Wedding Château de Pierrefonds Wedding Château de Pierrefonds Wedding