9 The Best Wedding Venues in Meath

Are You Looking for a Wedding Venue in County Meath?

9 The Best Wedding Venues in Meath – County Meath, just north of Dublin in eastern Ireland, is a treasure trove of beautiful wedding venues. Known for its rich history and archaeological sites, Meath offers a blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for a wedding. 

Meath is home to the famous Brú na Bóinne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Boyne Valley. This area, with its Neolithic monuments like Newgrange and Knowth, adds a unique historical charm to the county. Imagine having your wedding photos with such ancient wonders as a backdrop!

The Best Wedding Venues in Co.Meath

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue in county Meath? Look no further as we have presented a list of the best wedding venues in the county. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious country house, a unique countryside manor, or an exclusive Georgian estate, It has something for every couple. Here are some of our favorite wedding venues that are sure to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Country House Wedding Venues in Meath

Meath is home to some of the most stunning country house wedding venues in Ireland. From the breathtaking Bellinter House to the charming Tankardstown House, each venue offers a unique and picturesque setting for your special day. Imagine saying ‘I do’ in a Century Georgian manor surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Meath.

9 The Best Wedding Venues in Meath

If you’re in search of the perfect wedding venue in this county, look no further. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, there are plenty of options to choose from in. From the elegant Ballymagarvey Village to the picturesque Boyne Hill House, each venue offers luxurious accommodations and stunning surroundings for your wedding day.

Tankardstown House – Best Exclusive Wedding Venue

Tankardstown House is a top spot for weddings in Ireland. It’s known for being fancy and special. It’s perfect for summer weddings and is one of Ireland’s best.

Your wedding at Tankardstown will be stylish and charming. It’s not just a place; it’s where your new life starts with style. If you want a beautiful, historic place for your wedding, Tankardstown in the heart of the Boyne Valley is perfect. It’s where your special day becomes the start of a beautiful story together.

Wedding Venues in Meath

A Place Full of Elegance and Fun

Tankardstown has many rooms for different wedding events. You can have a small, cozy wedding or a big party. The Orangery is bright and perfect for dinner and dancing. It can seat up to 230 guests. Prices start at €89 per person.

Everything for a Unique Wedding

Tankardstown House has everything for a special wedding. It’s in an old manor house from the 18th century. The estate includes the Orangery, special suites, and a garden village. You can even enjoy high tea there!

A Touch of Class and Elegance

Tankardstown is known for its class and elegance. It’s one of the ‘best exclusive wedding venue in Meath. The walled garden is perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Inside, every room is full of luxury.

A Hidden Cottage for Your Wedding Night

There’s a secret cottage in the gardens of Tankardstown. It’s a cozy spot for your wedding night. This hidden gem adds to the charm of Tankardstown.

Ballymagarvey Village

In heart of the Meath, there’s a place called Ballymagarvey Village. It’s known as one of the best wedding spots. Just 30 minutes from Dublin, it’s easy to get to.

This village has an 18th century manor house. It’s big, old, and full of charm. The décor inside is beautiful and perfect for weddings.

Wedding photographers love Ballymagarvey Village. They can take amazing photos here. The gardens, buildings, and rooms are all stunning.

It’s a place where your wedding feels like a fairytale. Every corner is pretty and special. Ballymagarvey Village makes your big day unforgettable.

Ballymagarvey Village

Loughcrew Estate

Loughcrew Estate in Meath, Ireland, is a magical place. It has 200 acres of beautiful land. The estate is perfect for weddings and events.

It’s full of history, with a grand house and stunning gardens. These gardens are great for exploring and having fun.

Loughcrew Estate is a special place for events. It’s private, so it’s just for you and your guests. Up to 30 people can stay overnight here.

They have a big dining area for 140 guests. It’s perfect for big celebrations. Everyone can enjoy a meal together in a beautiful setting.

Loughcrew mixes history and adventure. It’s ideal for families and history lovers. The gardens are old and exciting, full of surprises.

The estate also has ancient Loughcrew Cairns, about 5000 years old! They add mystery and charm.

Loughcrew  is a hidden gem in the hills of Meath. It’s a place for making special memories.

Loughcrew Estate

Bellinter House

Bellinter House  is a countryside beautiful place in Meath, Ireland. It’s perfect for weddings and special events.

This house is really old and full of history. It’s been around since the 18th century. Inside, it’s cozy and elegant, great for celebrations.

Bellinter House is a favorite spot for modern couples. Located by the River Boyne, this manor house is ideal for weddings. It can host up to 206 guests, making it perfect for your big day.

The house sits on lovely grounds. These gardens are perfect for outdoor fun and photos. They make any event feel special.

Bellinter House is known for its unique style. It mixes old charm with modern touches. This makes it a cool place for any gathering.

It’s not just for weddings. You can have parties or just relax here. Bellinter House is a special spot in Ireland, where memories are made.

Bellinter House

Station House Hotel

Station House Hotel is a great place for weddings. It’s perfect for couples who just got engaged.

This hotel has rooms right there for guests. Everyone can stay and enjoy the wedding.

It’s really good for small, cozy weddings. Couples who want something intimate love it here.

The hotel used to be a train station. Now, it’s a cool spot for celebrations.

Inside, it’s warm and welcoming. Outside, there are pretty gardens.

Couples can have their ceremony and party here. It’s all in one place, which is handy.

Station House Hotel makes weddings special. It’s a place where love and happiness come together.

Station House Hotel

Boyne Hill House

Boyne Hill House is a beautiful place for weddings. It’s in Navan, surrounded by beautiful country.

This place has a special bridal suite. It’s perfect for getting ready on the big day.

It is a big, old-century Georgian manor. It’s been around for centuries.

They plan weddings just how you want. Each one is unique and special.

The place is elegant and full of history. It’s really pretty inside and out.

Couples love getting married here. It’s like a fairytale setting.

The gardens and views are amazing. They make for great wedding photos.

Boyne Hill House is a dreamy place for saying “I do.”

Boyne Hill House

The Millhouse Slane

The Millhouse in Slane is a magical place for weddings. It’s a private estate, perfect for dreamy wedding days. It is very short drive from dublin. This spot is known for its beautiful setting. It’s like a fairytale come to life!

The Millhouse has lovely gardens and a river. These make it a great place for photos. Couples love the romantic feel of this place. It’s peaceful and private, just for you and your guests.

Inside, The Millhouse is cozy and charming. It’s great for both big and small weddings. The staff here make sure your day is special.

Imagine saying “I do” in this beautiful place. The Millhouse in Slane makes weddings unforgettable. It’s a place where happy memories are made.

The Millhouse Slane

Clonabreany House

Clonabreany House is a beautiful place for weddings. It’s in Ireland, just an hour from Dublin. This place is perfect for an Irish wedding.

They have a big marquee for the wedding party. It’s like a huge, fancy tent where everyone celebrates. It’s really fun and looks amazing.

This venue also has cottages for guests. Up to 90 people can stay there. It’s great for friends and family to be close.

The whole place is lovely and special. It’s perfect for making wedding memories. Imagine celebrating with everyone you love here.

Clonabreany House makes weddings magical. It’s a place where dreams come true. It’s perfect for a big day full of love and joy.

Clonabreany House

Personal Thoughts

I think choosing the right venue for your wedding really depends on several factors.

It’s not an easy choice. Each venue has its own style, food, and vibe. It’s important to visit each one. This way, I can see what I like and don’t like about them.

Places like Tankardstown House are fancy and perfect for summer. It has an old, big house and a pretty garden. It feels like stepping back in time. Then there’s Ballymagarvey Village. It’s like a fairytale with its old manor and lovely décor.

Loughcrew Estate is great for history lovers. It’s got old buildings and lots of green space. Bellinter House mixes old charm with new style. It’s cool for modern couples. The Station House Hotel is unique. It used to be a train station!

Each spot in Meath, like Boyne Hill House and The Millhouse Slane, is special. Some have beautiful countryside views. Others have rich history or luxury rooms. Every couple can find their dream wedding place in Meath.

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  1. My brother and sister-in-law got married at the Station House Hotel and it was fabulous! It is truly for a smaller wedding so don’t try to over pack the event. The rooms were amazing and the location allowed for some of the most beautiful pictures. Now that I am engaged I want to marry in Meath too and am really considering booking the same location.

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