Airfield Estate Wedding


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There is something about Airfield Estate that speaks to the soul. This gorgeous alternative wedding venue is located in Dundrum, just a few minutes from the city centre. It’s a working farm with impressive architecture and lovely greenery. Here is what John & Moet’s Airfield Estate Wedding looked like.

The Ceremony Location

John & Moet’s ceremony took place at the walled garden at Airfield Estate. This picturesque spot was just perfect for their ceremony with their guests surrounded by flowers. The seating here is very intimate, and so everyone felt included in the celebration. The flowers were an amazing and lovely touch.

The Ceremony

The entrance of three cherubic little flower girls and one bridesmaid signaled the start of this ceremony. All the flowers girls had flower crowns and a bouquet while the bridesmaid spotted just a bouquet made of green leaves and flowers.

After them, it was time for Moet to be escorted down the aisle by her father. You should have seen the lovely look on John face as he saw her headed towards him. Oh wait, you can, just check the images below.

The Ceremony Rituals

John & Moet’s had a lovely ceremony with a female celebrant presiding over things. Some of the rituals they included in their ceremony were the hand fasting and the unity candle ceremony. All these rituals, however, only took place after the couple said their vows and exchanged rings. It was a peaceful, laid-back and very beautiful ceremony.

What Stood Out at The Ceremony

This Airfield Estate Wedding impressed me in a lot of ways. One of the things I really loved was the unity candle ceremony. In a unity candle ceremony, the couples light candles to signify their joining from that day forwards.

I also loved Moet wedding gown. This gown stood out from the ordinary in a lot of gorgeous ways. From the beautiful patterns on the dress itself to the color which was different from the regular white, this wedding gown rocked. Soon enough, the ceremony was over, and it was time for the meet and greet.

The Cocktail Hour

John & Moet had a lovely time with their loved ones at their Airfield Estate Wedding. The cocktail hour was a lovely meet and greet session. This couple personally thanks their loved ones for being a part of their wedding ceremony. I was able to capture some amazing photos of the guests, and this experience before sneaking the couple away for their photo session.

The Photo Session

One thing an Airfield Estate wedding will never lack is a picturesque location for the photo session. They are numerous. So, while the guests continued to mingle and enjoy the cocktail hour, we took some great wedding pictures. We had this session at the walled garden where the ceremony took place.

I was able to capture portraits of the couple by themselves and with each other. Having them stand next to the massive trees and delicate flowers was a great idea for this shoot. We had fun with this shoot and I even captured John  with the bouquet for a change. After this session, it was time for the reception.

The Reception

The lovely room with large windows and beautiful wood paneling where (The couple’s name) had their wedding was soon filled up when it was time for the reception. There were candles on every table, and the guests were excited to see the couple for the reception.

It was all laughter and fun at this reception. The speeches were fun to listen to, and every time there was a toast, you’d see guest grinning and eager to participate. I captured the speeches, the toasts and the other special activities at this wonderful wedding. (The couple’s names) had a great time at their celebration and I am glad they choose for me to document it. I wish you both many happy years ahead.

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