Amazing Wedding Photo shoot in Antrim

It was another bright and sunny day in Northern Ireland. The weather was perfect for a wedding photo shoot and I was really excited to get started. Since it was an elopement wedding, I had more than enough time to choose different locations and focus on getting as many pictures as possible of the couple. The couple looked in love and ready for their picture-perfect memories!

Capturing Every Moment

The first spot we decided to have the shoot was inside an old stone structure. I chose this spot because to me it represented strength and beauty. There were two attributes that i saw first time when i met them . The bride looked angelic (no better word to describe it) in her white dress with beautiful lace sleeves. Her hair and makeup were nicely done and she just looked breathtaking.

To be honest, I loved the location we chose for the shoot because it complimented her completely; “a princess within the stone walls”. The groom looked great also in his black suit and tie ready to spend the rest of his life with his lovely bride. As you all know, I’m crazy over natural lighting when shooting. The sun was on my side on this day and it made my shots look magical.

The Perfect Spot To Make Memories

The next spot was inside the caves which the right amount of sunlight peeking through. The look they both had in their eyes when they starred at each other was important to me. I found the right angle to capture it and you can trust that it came out good. From my experience in photography, I’ve learned how vital details are.

From the neckline of her dress to the red lipstick and her flower crown; I captured it all. Shooting with couples that are comfortable behind s camera makes my work look more natural. We moved to the cliffs and I have to say, the view was perfect. I tried not to allow the amazing view to overshadow the couple because they were the center of attention.

This Happy Ever After Is Just Beginning

I have to add that most of the poses the couple used were not chosen by me. They were in sync and just did their thing. My job was to take shots from the perfect angle that’ll add more meaning to their story. Wow, I can’t believe I almost forgot the shoes the bride wore. They were laced sneakers and she rocked it so well.

The next spot was within the trees and of course, the rays of light that penetrated the leaves were helpful. I was moving towards every direction just so I could get the best shots. We moved towards a cotton field and at every point, the couple had their personal shot. I took many close-up shots of the bride and it was a great idea. Her eyes and smile were captivating.

I had an amazing time and this has to be one of my best sessions. From the pictures, anyone can tell how happy the couple are and excited for the rest of their lives together. At the end of the day, love is the only thing that matters!

Amazing Wedding Photo shoot in Antrim

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