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Ballymagarvey Village Wedding

It was a summer wedding at the Ballymagarvey Village which created lots of beautiful memories for the couple and their guests. Ballymagarvey Village is known for its historical memories, which adds a unique essence to the entire occasion. The wedding was a blissful one because well, it didn’t lack everything that makes a wedding ceremony wonderful. The venue was superb, the food was outstanding, and the church ceremony was just so beautiful.

Apart from these, one major highlight of the event was the amazing moments captured by the wedding photographer from Dublin. Every single cute and adorable moment for the couple and even their family was captured to be kept for a long time.


Pictures were taken from their home till the after party. Now, with everyone moving and trying to get things done, the clear pictures could only be taken with a high-class camera and a professional photographer. At the groom’s room, special moments were captured with his father and his groomsmen, as he gave his dad a special box. It was so obvious that the photographers knew what they were doing because they wanted all the pictures to mean something.

The lady of the day was also captured doing her makeup with her ‘bridal squad’. One fascinating thing about the pictures was how the photographers captured even the littlest details from their teacup to the car they arrived with. It was just marvelous, as the bride wore her stunning wedding gown, came down the stairs, and how her bridesmaids admired her as a few finishing touches were made including putting on her veil.

The Final Moments

Unique pictures of their bedroom were taken which was designed really beautifully. Great shots were taken of the guests and it just showed how everyone enjoyed their selves. The after party was not different even if it was late. The pictures were still beautiful. While people were dancing with the couple and having fun, the photographers were there to capture everything.

Ballymagarvey Village just made the entire event more magical and wonderful with its historical compliments. This venue is great for weddings because it can accommodate over two hundred guests and it also has a smaller spot for at least eighty guests. Also, the gardens make a great spot for cute wedding shoots. With the lovely garden and exquisite views, it added the ‘fairytale’ to a fairytale wedding.

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