Big Sky Barn Wedding

Before Wedding Day

Before I begin, I just have to say that being a wedding photographer involves more than taking nice pictures. Being able to understand the couple and know what they would love and also taking pictures that would make them feel the way they felt on their special day years later.

The first meeting I had with the lovely couple was at Ireland. I photographed the proposal which took place in the mountain area a day to Christmas. It was just the perfect timing as the weather was cool and it just added more excitement to the proposal.

Pre-Wedding Shoot At A Horse Farm

After loving the pictures I sent over to them in Texas from their proposal shoot, the couple decided to book me for their unique barn wedding. I arrived at Texas two days earlier just because I wanted to make sure I was well rested. Also i am prepared for the big day. I was honored when the couple invited me for their rehearsal dinner plus this also gave me an opportunity to know more about the couple and their family. The next day, we set up for their shoot at the horse farm.

Now, this was my favorite part because I just loved how everything came together to give me the perfect pictures. The farm was spacious and the green field which had small flowers just complemented the couples outfit; it was really beautiful and I have to add that they were so friendly and accommodating to me while I was there.


Wedding Day

Big Sky Barn Wedding

It’s Time!


The bride and her girls definitely took their time to get their makeup done. I made sure I captured every moment. The groom and his guys were certainly prepared and even as they played some games before the big moment was a good way for them to relax. As the groom prepared, he had so much love and support from his friends. The bride’s hair, makeup, and dress just made her look too gorgeous.

As the bride walked down the aisle, she looked so lovely. The groom also couldn’t take his eyes off her. The barn was beautifully decorated so I had to take pictures of the couple as they stood in front of it. The reception venue was beautifully decorated and the cake was stunning! The family and friends all looked lovely plus I had to capture moments of them looking so happy. The bridesmaids and groomsmen came into the venue in style making way for the couple.

The couple had their dance and it was a moment that needed my attention the most because of how lost the couple was in each other. The great lighting made it easy for me to take amazing shots even as the couple and their family enjoyed the reception that took place in the night.

This was one experience that still taught me more about the importance of family. The event was lovely and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Venue : Big Sky Barn