Carton House Wedding

The couple came all the way to Ireland to have their wedding here . I must say that I was so honored that they asked me to be their wedding photographer. We started the day really nicely with a perfect weather keeping everywhere cool and bright. Before I began taking pictures of the bride and her groom, first took some shots of the rings, her shoe, and they also had a pre-wedding diary. All these were really important parts of the entire day!

Almost there!

The bride certainly took her time to select a makeup artist that had all the techniques and the products to give her a flawless bridal look. While the bride was getting ready, I moved over to the groom’s room where he was also getting prepared for his big moment. I must say that this couple was willing to spend on their big day as it was so obvious from the suit, dress, shoes, and every other important thing.

The groom wasn’t alone as he had his friends willing to help him get prepared for his lovely bride. He even got a wedding present which was a pretty expensive wristwatch and of course he wore it with a smile on his face. All these and more were captured by me! Personal shots were taken of the groom and his gang looking classy. The rooms of the hotel had a vintage touch that added elegance to all the pictures I was taking.


Moving on, I went to check on the bride who was almost done looking excited with her girls. With this, I was inspired to take pictures of them looking so happy and also as she received her Givenchy earrings. Now, the bride was to put on her lovely lace wedding dress and she had all the help she could get from her girls. I took more pictures as she wore her veil and as her bridal squad came around her.

I do!

Yes, after the couple was all set, they were put in different vehicles to get to the church. Now, the church was so huge and beautiful and I had to take amazing shots from different angles. As the bride came in and walked down the aisle, she looked lovely as everyone watched her especially her groom. It was obvious he was in awe! They said their vows so beautifully and it became official! Before they came down from the altar, I took amazing shots of both of them because of the background. Waiting for them outside were family and friends waiting to cheer them as they got into their vintage car.

Before going to the reception, we went to the beautiful garden to take personal pictures and having the beautiful flowers well carved as a background made my job a lot sweeter. After, we moved to a small lake where we took more lovely pictures and honestly, I could not get enough of them.

Final Moments

They arrived in their vintage car standing and waving to everyone who welcomed them. Such a royal personality! The couple and their guests moved to the reception area where it was all fun and laughter from everyone. Friends and close relatives gave speeches which made the couple happy and also emotional.

There was more than enough to eat and certainly good music to increase the excitement. As the couple meets with close relations and friends, I captured every bit of it because certainly, they would want to remember such special moments.

From what I could see, this was purely a happy day for everyone!

VENUE : Carton House

Wedding Planner : The Event Design Company