City Hall Wedding Dublin

City Hall Dublin Wedding


When Orla and Sean got married in Dublin city hall, it was a beautiful day. They paid exceptional attention to their wedding details, and love was in the air. Now, as you know, I am a Dublin Wedding Photographer with an eye for the unusual. So, come along with me on this journey where I celebrate how unique this union was.

The Venue

There is nothing quite like a City Hall wedding in Dublin. The opportunities for breath-taking photos are numerous. The architecture is beautiful, the pillars are majestic, and there’s space. You’ll love the room that you can incorporate in many lovely ways for your Dublin wedding photography. All those stairs are pretty impressive too. That’s the beauty I had a chance to document at Orla and Sean’s wedding ceremony. But before we discuss that, here are some words on how the day started.

Dublin City Hall Wedding

City Hall Wedding Dublin

Getting Ready

The lovely wedding details I captured as this couple got ready, set the tone for this special day. Some of them were the wedding dress, the bridal shoes, the rings, and the ring bearer’s garb. This Batman is very special to the couple, and I love that he played a part in their wedding.

Another thing I loved capturing at this point was the couple’s wedding invitation. Who wouldn’t love to get a telegram-themed wedding invite? What a lovely throwback that was. It went very well with the City Hall wedding Dublin theme if you ask me.

Next, I captured the bride getting her makeup and hair done. She got ready with the ring bearer and the rest of her family too. The dress was magnificent on her as she put it on and descended the stairs.

The first look with her dad was the perfect final touch to this getting-ready session. Soon after that, everyone headed for the ceremony at the City Hall Dublin. But not before I had time to catch some lovely bridal portraits.

One of The Best Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Hall Ceremony

The Civil Ceremony

A couple that genuinely loves each other will always show it no matter what day it is. So, the stunning architecture of the City Hall did not stop Orla and Sean from showing theirs. From the wedding march to the vow exchange, love was in the air. Sean looked absolutely besotted with his bride the entire time. As part of their wedding, this couple had a candle-lighting ritual. Then they were pronounced married and walked out to the arms of excited, loved ones.

The Wedding Photoshoot

The City Hall Dublin was the backdrop for this gorgeous couple’s wedding day pictures. I was able to use the lovely pillars, stairs, and other significant details as backdrops. I captured the couple separately, together, with their wedding party, and even with some guests. You’ll especially love the navy-blue color scheme that ran through the groom, groomsman, and bridesmaid’s fashion. It was very unique and impressive.

The City Hall turned out to be a fantastic spot for taking family photos and group shots. Its grand interior made for a really stunning backdrop that added a touch of elegance to the shots. We managed to capture some really special moments there. City Hall is probably one of the best places in Dublin for this kind of photography.

After the photos inside the town hall, I captured the toast outside with the bride’s father. I also got a few shots of the couple with the car. I did not leave out the impressive outside view of the ceremony venue either. Then it was time for this City Hall wedding Dublin to move to the reception.

Dublin City Hall Wedding

Drinks Reception

Sparkling cutlery, minimal wedding table décor, and beauty were the watchwords of this couple’s wedding reception. Rather than have everyone dispersed, this couple shared one table with everyone, and the intimacy was amazing. I loved being a part of it. The speeches were electric, the party was fun, and everyone had a good time. Weddings like this are not a dime and a dozen, so I really loved being a part of this one.

Best Dublin Wedding Venue Dean Hotel

After saying their vows at City Hall, we all moved to take some pictures in the city center of Dublin. It was a fun ,relaxed and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Then, it was time for dinner. We went to The Dean Hotel as it was their Reception Venue which is a really nice place in the city. The hotel was a great spot for a wedding dinner. The mood was cozy, and everyone had a great time eating and talking. The hotel’s setting was just right for a wedding in the city.


What I loved About Orla and Sean’s Special Day

I have many things that stood out and impressed me about this City Hall Wedding Dublin. As a  wedding photographer, I am always looking for something different. This wedding gave me that. From the fashion colour scheme to the intimacy, I loved it all. I wish Orla and Sean many more happy years and milestone celebrations.


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