Cliffs Of Moher Elopement

First of all, when I heard that the couple had chosen to have their elopement wedding at the Cliffs of Moher, I immediately knew that it would be one to remember. With so many amazing sites for their photo shoots, I was looking forward to capturing the beautiful moments.

The Preparation

As the groom wore his tie looking so handsome. I tried to not just capture him but the artistic background where he stood to compliment the picture. As the groom and their friends went to the bride’s room to give her presents, I definitely had to capture the excited look she had on throughout. Her chief brides’ maid handed her a box which contained her garter and her groom was certainly happy about that. Sometimes, to get the best shot, you don’t even need everything to be planned or staged.

With my amazing shots, anyone could see how happy the couple were together. The groom gave her a beautiful beaded necklace which I captured together with other items on the table. As an experienced photographer, I knew I had to pay attention to details and capture her dress, shoes, and even as she wore her socks and garter. The bride had smiles all over her face throughout even as her friend wore her dress for her and hugged her. Details of her gown and her hairstyle were captured even as she took personal pictures. You could easily see how close she was with her friend because they just wanted to be around each other.

It’s Time!

Before the ceremony commenced, we got to the cliff and took a few amazing shots of the view. Also we got of the bride as she walked to the ceremony spot. Emotions were really obvious as the couple shared their vows and carried out some Irish marriage traditions. As the four friends shared a bottle of wine in celebration, I captured it not excluding the breath-taking view of the cliff.

The next thing to do was to take amazing pictures of the newly married couple. It was obvious that the couple was excited so I allowed them to express their selves while I was left with the privilege of capturing those amazing moments. They ended the day in a bar where they continued the celebration.

Capturing priceless moments is one thing that makes me enjoy my job as a wedding photographer.

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