Clonabreany House Wedding

There’s always something unique and cheerful about summer weddings and it’s possibly because everyone loves summer!

First Things First!

Before I began focusing on the bride and groom, I decided to take photos of the wedding attires and every little thing that was essential to making the couple look breathtaking on their big day.

The groom’s and his groom’s men suits were taken outside for personal pictures.  It isn’t something I usually do but I just felt the need to capture their fantastic designs.

As the groom got ready with more than enough help from his friends to polish his shoes, put on his cuff-links, knot his tie, and so on, I certainly captured it all! . And of course, there was a bottle of wine to celebrate the latest husband to be.

Next Part!

Moving on, I went to the bride’s room and took lovely pictures as her makeup was done. I really didn’t know how she could smile for so long and at everything but I loved it.

She had the biggest smile on her face as she looked at her face in a small mirror and being at the right angle, I took a shot of it! Her wedding dress, shoes, and her bouquet were really beautiful by the way.

After her hair and makeup were done, we all went downstairs. I had enough shots to take as she shared a bottle of wine with her bridesmaids. To take advantage of the beautiful sunlight, while in their robes, I decided to take them outside to take cute pictures and trust that it came out well.

The next stage was to put on her dress with the help of her friend and I must say her dress was so elegant, with the see-through back and pearl designs. As she put on her veil fully dressed for the special moment, her bridal squad was in total awe of her. We both went to a room with good lighting and took personal pictures while she was sitting. Again, I was thankful for the sunlight as it made the pictures look charming in many ways.

It’s Time!

Her father couldn’t help but get so emotional seeing how lovely she looked. Before getting to the church, I took a few shots of the bride with her bridesmaids. Then we took off to the chapel. Everyone was present waiting for the bride to arrive and during that time, nice shots were taken of the chapel which had a certain look to it.

She walked in looking happy but I’m pretty sure that the groom was happier because he couldn’t keep a straight face. The couple said their vows and walked out with everyone cheering them.

As they got to the door of the chapel decorated with flowers, I took personal pictures of the couple looking happy and satisfied with everything and everyone. The reception was amazingly decorated and from that moment onward, it was all about having fun and making memories.

Clonabreany House Wedding

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