Faithlegg House Wedding

Faithlegg House Wedding || Fiona and Tom’s Summer Celebration

Do you love beautiful outdoor weddings in the summer? Then you’ll love the fabulous celebration of love that Fiona and Tom put together at Faithlegg house. As a Wexford wedding photographer, it’s one of the most beautiful celebrations I’ve captured. Here’s a low down of how this celebration went and how much fun we all had.

  • The Wedding Venue

Faithlegg House is located in Waterford Harbour and is a wedding venue with such a rich history. This stunning country house offers couples opportunities for memorable indoor and outdoor celebrations. As a Wexford wedding photographer, I loved capturing the beauty of the venue during this wedding.

The luscious green countryside views at Faithlegg house are mesmerizing. It’ll have your guests feeling like they’ve taken a vacation. You’ll also love the beautifully manicured grounds and luxury accommodation on offer. It’s a fabulous venue for an Irish wedding.

  • Getting Ready

I always start the day documenting the excitement of my couple as they get ready for the wedding. It gives me the opportunity to document important wedding details and the time spent with family. I loved doing the same for Fiona and Tom.

I started the day by taking pictures of Fiona with her bridesmaids as they got their hair and makeup done. Fiona looked fabulous as she set up the toasts and shared them with her loved ones. They had such a lovely bonding time.

I also enjoyed capturing important details like Fiona’s wedding dress and the wedding day gift she had for her friends. Then I took a bit of a tour around Faithlegg house to take lovely photos of the venue set up. Everything looked so tranquil and beautiful.

Next, I headed to where Tom and his guys were getting ready for the day. With three groomsmen, it was fun galore as they helped knot each other’s ties and shared a drink. Soon enough, everyone was dressed and ready.

Finally, I returned to take lovely photos of Fiona as she put on her wedding gown. She looked so wonderful. I especially love the pictures of her floating down the stairs of Faithlegg House as she headed out for the ceremony.

  • Faithlegg House Wedding Ceremony

Fiona and Tom had a lovely private setup for their outdoor ceremony at Faithlegg House. The décor looked beautiful with lots of flowers and other natural elements used. Guests looked terrific, too dressed in their bests.

The ceremony started with a gorgeous little flower girl walking down the aisle. Then each bridesmaid took a turn to do the same. The groom and the groomsmen were already waiting at the altar.

Finally, Fiona herself walked down the aisle, escorted by her father. It was such a beautiful sight, and you can see the love and adoration on Tom’s face as he saw her. They had a quick peck when she got to the altar, and then the ceremony was on the way.

Fiona and Tom had their ceremony officiated by a female celebrant. She led them through the service directing things like the vows, ring exchange and the first kiss as a married couple. Then Fiona had a beautiful candle lighting moment to bring the ceremony to a close. It was all so very beautiful.

  • Cocktail Hour And Wedding Day Photo Session

After their wedding ceremony, Fiona and Tom had a lovely time meeting with and thanking loved ones. I was able to take pictures of them and their family at this time alongside the set up for cocktail hour. This was by the lawn and very in line with their wedding’s summer theme.

This wedding’s photo session started with gorgeous photos of the couple using their altar backdrop. The door with lovely hanging flowers made an excellent prop for their wedding day photos. Next, I captured pictures of the groom with the groomsmen and the bride with her bridesmaids. Then it was time for a picture with everyone together.

After these photos, I snuck Fiona and Tom away for their couple portrait. Faithlegg House provided a very picturesque backdrop for these, as you can see. The couple themselves also played a part in how wonderful these pictures look.

You can see how much they love and care for each other. I played my role as a Wexford wedding photographer by letting them display their emotions uninterrupted. It is what made their pictures look amazing and natural.

  • Faithlegg House Wedding – The Reception

The venue for this lovely Faithlegg House wedding reception was beautifully decorated and looked terrific. So guests were in high spirits when Fiona and Tom walked in to signal the start of the wedding reception.

Then it was time for the speeches, which were fun and emotional. There was laughter and happy tears. Everyone who spoke had something lovely to say about the couple. Then Tom gave a beautiful thank you address to round off the speeches.

Next, it was time for the couple to have their first dance. This romantic moment displayed the strong love between this couple again. I used my candid photography to document this uninterrupted by the side. Then it was time for the rest of the guests to join in and party. What a lovely celebration!

  • How I Did As A Wexford Wedding Photographer?

I loved capturing the beauty of this couple’s wedding. Faithlegg House provided a lovely location for the festivities. The couple’s wedding theme also kept things simple, genuine and fun. Everyone had a great time. Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration Fiona and Tom. I wish you both the best now and always.

Faithlegg House Wedding


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