Farnham Estate Weddings

Farnham Estate Wedding Venue

Farnham Estate Weddings – Farnham Estate in Cavan is a dream wedding venue for couples seeking a blend of style, luxury, and unforgettable experiences. Located just 90 minutes from Dublin, this 4-star hotel is located in the heart of the Irish countryside, offering a serene and romantic setting for your special day.

The estate’s ballroom, capable of accommodating up to 240 guests, is a highlight for wedding celebrations. It’s a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. The ballroom’s design and ambiance set the stage for a magical wedding reception.

Couples planning their weddings at Farnham Estate can choose from various wedding packages, each tailored to provide a unique and luxurious experience. The estate’s team is dedicated to making every wedding perfect, paying close attention to every detail, from the ceremony to the reception.

The Farnham Estate Spa and Golf Resort is more than just a venue; it’s an experience. With its stunning grounds, luxurious amenities, and exceptional service, it stands out as a top choice for couples looking for a romantic and stylish wedding venue in Cavan. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Farnham Estate promises to make your wedding day truly special.

Farnham Estate Weddings

Farnham Estate Spa and Golf

Anita and Darragh’s winter wedding at Farnham Estate Hotel was a blend of fun, elegance, and modern vibes. The couple chose this stunning venue in the country for its perfect setting. Anita looked breathtaking in her Lola Varma wedding dress from White Blossom Bridal, adding a touch of glamour to the day.

The hotel provided a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for their candid and modern style. The couple’s suite at the hotel was a haven of luxury, contributing to the day’s perfection. The beautiful grounds and interiors of Farnham Estate offered diverse backdrops for photography. We captured amazing photos both outside in the natural beauty and inside the elegant hotel.

The use of modern flash photography techniques added a unique touch to their wedding album. Every moment at Farnham Estate Hotel was perfectly planned, ensuring that everything was just right for Anita and Darragh’s special day. Their wedding at Farnham Estate was a true reflection of their personalities, blending modern elegance with the timeless charm of the Irish countryside.

Farnham Estate Weddings

Farnham Estate Wedding Prices 

Planning a wedding at Farnham Estate? You’re in for a treat! This place is all about style and fantastic experiences. Couples love it here because everything is just perfect. From the elegant marriage settings to the delicious food, every detail is a pleasure.

At Farnham Estate, you’ll find wedding packages that fit your dream. They understand what couples need for their big day. The prices? They’re worth it for the memories you’ll make. Imagine saying “I do” in a place where everything feels just right.

This venue isn’t just about the style; it’s about creating your wedding day unforgettable. The food, the setting, the atmosphere – it’s all fantastic. Couples planning their weddings here are choosing a place where every moment is a joy.

In summary, Farnham Estate offers a perfect blend of style, pleasure, and fantastic experiences, it is a top choice for couples planning their weddings.

Farnham Estate Weddings

Farnham Estate Wedding Pictures 

Couples planning weddings at Farnham Estate have an amazing time. Their photos really show the style and joy of the day. Photographers capture special moments, create each wedding unique. The estate’s beauty adds to the magic. Every picture tells a story of love and happiness. It’s a perfect place for unforgettable wedding memories.

Farnham Estate Weddings

Farnham Estate Weddings


Q: What makes Farnham Estate Wedding a special luxury venue?

A: The resort provides red carpet welcome and special luxury amenities to make your wedding day an unforgettable experience.

Q: What makes Farnham Estate Wedding an ideal choice for couples?

A: The resort’s expertise in wedding planning and personal service ensures that every couple’s dream wedding becomes a reality.

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