Finding A Wedding Photographer In Dublin

Wedding Photographer In Dublin

Oftentimes, we are reminded that weddings are one of the most important days in our lives, and we should do all we can to hold onto the memories of that day. What we usually do not talk about is that wedding photographers keep the memories of that important day etched somewhere other than the minds of people. They keep these memories in pictures. Your wedding photographer can be said to be the most important vendor at your wedding.

Because if they do not help you preserve the best memories, you will look back at your wedding day and want a do-over, just because the first time didn’t look right.

Now, running a wedding is pretty expensive. So couples usually want to cut costs. They cut from here and there, just to meet up with their budget. The truth is, a photographer’s budget is one that should not be cut.

The way wedding photography works, what you pay for is what you get. So, if you pay for cheap photography, you will most definitely get pictures that come from cheap photography. If you pay for a good wedding photographer, well, they do not come cheap.

See, wedding photographers do not just capture the couple, they capture the memories. They capture the laughter of uncle Ben over there, they capture that tears of joy from aunt Marissa who is holding her heart in love. They capture the entire beauty of the event.

This is why, when you are searching for a wedding photographer, you have to find one you can build a working relationship with. One who understands you in the same way you understand them.

Someone who knows what you want at that moment, and understands how important this day for you. A wedding photographer that you have a relationship with, can make your day easy for you.

Let us look at some of the tips you can take when you want to build a relationship with a photographer.

”Stop looking for a photographer because Sebastian should be your ONLY choice!”

Real Stories

Do your research!

To know someone you have to intimate yourself with what they do. Go through their Instagram page, Instagram is like a portfolio, only, you don’t even have to ask for it. It is just there for the taking.

Look at these photos, see how they tell their stories, does it seem like something you would want? Fall in love with their storytelling methods, if you don’t, move on to the next one. Watch the faces of the people apart from the couple, see how they captured them. See how they got that memory.

Go through the pictures and see how many memories they captured. See how these memories were captured. If you are going to be making use of a photographer to handle the most important event of your life, then you better make sure that there are hardly any hitches along the way.

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Talk, talk, talk:

Talk, talk, talk: Make phone calls with your photographer. Don’t stop talking to them. Do video calls too. The reason for this is that, your photographer has the tendency to think that their business with you is mostly, you pay them then they have their job done, and they leave.

But there is a way for them to understand what they need to do for you, that only you can communicate to them, and that is exactly what you need to do. Have skype meetings, have physical meetings. Have a lot of meetings in all the days leading to that day.

Let your photographer walk into the hall that day, taking pictures not because they were paid to do it, but because they want to give you the best, as it is in your mind.

Building a relationship with your photographer makes it easy to communicate your need to them without sounding all bossy because you pay them.

It makes them assimilate these instructions, no matter how tough they might seem. Some people just hire photographers and leave everything to them, and then when the pictures come, they are not pleased.

Photographers are not psychic, they would not read your mind and give you what you want. They may have a lot of superpowers, this is just not one of them.

You have to communicate your needs to them in a way that they understand and not feel insulted and undermined.

Do not stop talking to your photographer, never be in a  situation where you cannot look at your wedding pictures, and feel utterly disgusted.

If you are going to pay so much to get a good photographer, then make sure that the pictures come out as amazing as you want them. When they are taking pictures, they have your needs in their mind.

Talking is a perfect way to build up a good work relationship between you and your photographer. Always relay your fears and concern.


''We have been very content wth the work of Sebastian. From the beginning, we have had easy communication with him, and he has listened and taken care of what we were expecting. He has answered all our expectations and even more! The result is wonderful, we have plenty of amazing pictures that we will keep as life long memories , this is priceless...''

Establish trust:

The key to every good relationship is trust. When there is trust between you and your photographer, expect full disclosure about the details of the job. There are always last-minute changes in things like these.

If there is a last-minute change in anything, your photographer should be able to let you know. If you do not have a good working relationship with them, one that is based on trust, you will end up being in the dark about a lot of thugs.

This is your wedding photography, being in the dark about things that are important about anything at all, is not an option. It is dangerous to be in the dark with anything concerning the services at your wedding.

While the both of you are standing at the altar taking your vows, or at the reception taking your first dance, you should have to focus on just these things, you should not have to find out that your photographer lost one of his lenses last week and cannot take pictures from far.

If there are trust and honesty built already, you should know if there will be troubles, long before they come, thus giving you a chance at dealing with them early enough. Nothing should ruin your day.

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Listen to their ideas:

While this is strictly your event, and you have a lot of ideas you want to recreate from movies, documentaries, and magazines, but you also are not a photographer, so you do not know if they will work out or not. A good picture is dependent on a lot of things, and lighting is one very important factor.

So, imagine you want to completely recreate a photo that was taken in the middle of a hall, this is good until you realize that the one you want to recreate, was taken in the middle of a hall which had an open ceiling in the center, so there was direct natural light on them.

However, you are in a building where the entire ceiling is closed, so that effect you saw in the picture might not be recreated for you.

Now, at this point, when the photographer says it would not work out as you want, you have to listen to them, because they know that an attempt at what you want, may not come out exactly as you want it.

The truth is, when what you want doesn’t come out as you want it, you are usually inclined to blame the photographer.

However, it is important, that they let you know beforehand, that what you want may not be able to work. They know better. More importantly, their job is to find a balance between what you want, and what their creativity and skills they bring to the table.

All of these together is what will give you your dream wedding photographs.

Listening to them will make them confident in their skills, and it will also make it easier for you to communicate your ideas, and match with their creativity.

This will give you all a chance to plan the perfect wedding shoot. The one you can look at on albums later, and say to your grand-kids, I helped make this possible.

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''Sebastian was the best wedding photographer we could ever have hoped for! His photographs speak for themselves! We just loved the depth to the images and how easy and comfortable he makes people feel and look in them!Wedding days can get so hectic, especially for the couple, but Sebastian was always there in the background taking beautiful candid shots of the guests, and at the same time making sure that all of the important photos were taken at the most opportune time, with the best lighting and the least fuss.When I look back on the day, I’m able to fully appreciate how well taken care of we really were!Thank you so much Sebastian! I honestly can’t recommend you enough to everyone!!''

Follow up:

Until the wedding is over and you have gotten your pictures from the photographer, follow up. Follow up on them after making a final decision for the photos, you want to know that you are all on the same page.

You want to know if there is an issue that needs resolution before your wedding. You want to know if there will be issues in the future, you want to know a lot of things.

Following them would put you ahead of things, it will make it possible that you are on top of anything, in case anything goes bad. It will also foster a stronger work relationship because your photographer knows that they are not alone in this.

Fostering a working relationship with your wedding photographer in Dublin seems like a long stretch, but if you are aware of what you want on your wedding day, and you are avoiding hitches, this relationship will be good.

Your wedding photographs should come out great, it should be a touch of what you like, and extreme creativity, this can only be achieved if you created a working relationship with them.

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If you have any questions or would you like to meet up for a coffee and have a chat about your day , please feel free to contact me anytime!