Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House: A Gorgeous Country House for Your Dream Wedding


Horetown House Wedding is a perfect wedding venue. It’s in Wexford, Ireland. This place is great for planning your big day. It’s exclusive, meaning it’s just for you and your guests.

This large house has a unique style. It’s a mix of old and new, like vintage but modern. It’s in a romantic spot, perfect for weddings. You can have smaller or big weddings here. It fits all kinds of celebrations.

The house is a Georgian building with a marquee for events. They do civil ceremonies in a beautiful white room. This room has lots of natural light and looks stunning.

Horetown House feels warm and friendly. It’s fun and perfect for a truly Irish wedding. The stone mansion gives guests a real Irish experience.

It’s about 2 and a bit hours from Dublin, straight down the M11. When people visit this place for the first time, they love it. It’s in the sunny South-East of Ireland, in Co. Wexford.

This place is absolutely stunning for weddings. It’s warm, friendly, and lots of fun. This Venue makes your wedding day special and unforgettable.

How many guests can Horetown House accomodate for a wedding?

Horetown House can accommodate up to 200 guests for a wedding in The Garden Room and up to 150 guests in The White Room. These spaces can be tailored to suit different needs.

Horetown House Wedding

Getting Ready at Horetown House: Lovely and Elegant Beginnings

Jane and Eoghan’s wedding day started at Horetown House. Their style was a cool mix of edgy and refined. This made their decor really chic. It also meant we could take fun photos.

The morning was great. Jane got ready in the main house. She was with her wedding party. Everyone was funny and nice. Her elegant wedding dress was stunning.

The room where she got ready was decorated beautifully. It had an en suite, which is a private bathroom. The large windows let in lots of light. This made the room bright and lovely.

The atmosphere was relaxed, perfect for wedding planning. The party was indoors, but it felt original and fun. The decor of the room added to the elegance.

Getting ready at Horetown House was a special time. It was full of laughter and excitement. Jane’s dress and the chic decor made the morning memorable. It was a lovely and elegant start to their big day.

Horetown House Wedding

Intimate Civil Ceremonies in Wexford: Weddings at Horetown House’s White Room

Jane and Eoghan had their wedding ceremony indoors. It was in Horetown House’s beautiful White Room. This room is perfect for civil ceremonies.

The White Room is soft and full of quality. It has stone walls and vaulted ceilings. This used to be the original cellar of the house. Now, it’s a lovely setting for weddings.

The ceremony space was atmospheric. The room’s decor and flower design added a special touch. It felt like a magical place for Jane and Eoghan’s big day.

There were so many funny moments during the ceremony. People were laughing a lot. Jane and Eoghan exchanged rings and did a sand ritual. This was a unique part of their wedding.

The White Room can seat up to 140 guests. It’s big enough for a good-sized wedding. But it still feels intimate and special.

Niamh, the wedding coordinator, made sure everything went smoothly. She helped make the ceremony space perfect for Jane and Eoghan.

Their wedding in the White Room was beautiful. It was a mix of laughter, love, and special moments. This room at this venue was the perfect place for their intimate ceremony.

Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House Wedding Photos 

Jane, Eoghan, and their wedding party were so happy for outdoor group pictures. We got many wonderful shots. The mood was high and everyone was smiling.

We took many classic photos of the bride and groom. The grounds at Horetown  are fantastic for photography. There are so many beautiful spots.

One great place for photos is the 1692 bar. It’s an intimate spot, perfect for party pictures. This bar is the old cellar of the house, turned into a cozy traditional Irish pub. The stone walls and vaulted ceilings make it special. It’s great for late-evening photos.

The rolling hills and birch trees outside are a nice green backdrop. In the evening, the fairy lights look super pretty. They make the pictures magical.

The vintage drawing room with big windows is another stunning spot. While guests enjoy drinks there, the couple can stroll around the grounds. There are many little spots close by for photos.

Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House Wedding Reception

After the photo session and drink reception, everyone goes to the marquee for dinner. It’s a beautiful end to a day full of special moments. The photos from Jane and Eoghan’s wedding at Horetown House are full of joy and beauty.

Horetown House Wedding

Accommodation at Horetown House

Horetown House is an exclusive place to stay. It has 10 En-suite bedrooms and 20 En-suite Shepherds Huts. These can fit up to 24 adults but Shepherds Huts can fit even more .

Each room has its unique style. They are filled with antique things that look really cool. All beds are dressed with 100% organic cotton sheets.

They also have all the necessary accessories. So, you can get ready easily for the big day.

You can hire the venue the day before. Then, you can stay the night there. This is great for weddings. It means you can relax and not rush on your wedding day.

The Horetown bridal suite is special. It’s a beautiful room for the bride. It’s perfect for getting ready on the wedding morning. The suite is elegant and has everything a bride needs.

Staying at Horetown House is like living in a fancy old house. It’s fun and makes your wedding even more special. You and your guests will love the rooms. They are cozy and have everything you need.

This place makes sure your stay is comfortable and memorable. It’s a great place to start your wedding day. The rooms are beautiful, and the bridal suite is perfect for getting ready.

Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House Wedding Menu

At Horetown House, the wedding menu is really special. The kitchen team works with you to make four menus. Each one is inspired by the different seasons.

They use fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are grown locally. This makes the food fresh and tasty. It also celebrates the time of year of your wedding.

Each menu has two main course choices. They use meats from local farms and producers. There’s also a plant-based option for those who prefer it.

The team is passionate about using the best of each season. They make dishes with ingredients grown at Horetown House. This makes the food not just delicious but also special.

You can enjoy a sustainable garden experience. This means the food is good for the planet too. It’s a way to make your wedding memorable and care for the earth.

Food tasting at Horetown House is fun. You can try canapés, starters, sharing plates, and main courses. This helps you choose the ideal menu for your wedding. The food at Horetown House is all about quality and taste. It makes your wedding meal something everyone will remember.

Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House Wedding Cost

The cost of a wedding at Horetown House starts at €80 per person. This price depends on the menu you choose. If you pick more courses or add wine and canapés, it costs more.

Horetown House is an exclusive wedding venue. This means it’s just for you and your guests. The house hire includes many extras. It’s not just the place; you get more things with it.

When you hire the house, you also get a full Irish breakfast the next day. This is great for you and your guests. It’s a nice way to end your wedding celebration.

The cost at Horetown House depends on what you choose. You can make your wedding as fancy as you want. The more you add, the higher the cost. But it’s all about making your day special.

Horetown House Wedding

Horetown House Wedding Reviews 

If you’re searching for reviews of Horetown House, the best places to check are Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, or Weddings Online. 

Additionally, checking reviews on TripAdvisor and Weddings Online could provide further insights and varied perspectives on Horetown House as a wedding venue.

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  1. I was wondering about the White Room. Thank you for specifying that it was a smaller area. I think the Garden Room will end up being the one we will go with. Stunning pictures by the way. I couldn’t help but look through them a few times. The Horetown House is just one of those places that you need to see in action when it comes to event planning. You photography work here sold me on the venue.

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