Beautiful Iceland Wedding at Hotel Budir

As soon as I got a call from the couple to be their wedding photographer a year after their engagement shoot, I just knew instantly that I was about to have a wonderful experience in Iceland. At first, I found it really important to take pictures of the mind-blowing view! I’ve heard about how lovely the mountains in Iceland are but I was super amazed when I actually got to see them for myself!

Almost Ready

The first part of the preparation is usually my favorite, to be honest. Having family around to help the couple get ready is just something I can never get tired of. Both the bride and the groom took their time to get ready. As the lovely bride got ready, I did my thing! Her dress and accessories were all displayed for personal shots. Looking at her gown hanging, I certainly couldn’t wait to see it on her.

I can’t forget the beautiful details on her shoes and her jewelry; they all deserved special attention trust me! While her makeup was done, I went to check on the groom and I was glad to capture the cute moments with him getting ready with the little groom. He got dressed and I had enough time to take some personal pictures of him looking at the view outside the window. I’m sure you know that’s also my thing too!

It was time for the bride to put on her dress and trust that I stayed in different corners just to get the best angle of the dress. She had all the help she could get putting on her accessories. As soon as the father of the bride walked into the room, he was amazed and even got emotional.


I got to the church earlier and it was beautifully decorated. Everyone got seated and watched as the bridal squad walked in looking beautiful capturing this certainly put a smile on my face because everyone seated had smiles on their faces. The bride walked in and the groom could barely keep a straight face. After they said their vows, the new couple greeted everyone outside the church.

This just showed that everyone present at the wedding mattered to them. I had the best idea to take a few personal pictures of the couple inside the church. After this, we just walked to different locations and took some more pictures. I think it was pretty obvious that I couldn’t get enough of them!

Final Moments

We got to the reception hall looking so lovely and everyone sat anticipating the presence of the couple. There was a lot of wining and dining and also speeches were given. The room was filled with laughter and happy tears and as I captured these moments, I was honored. After the reception, we got to a location where the couple and their squad took memorable pictures. And finally, I had enough time to take pictures of the couple looking so in love!

It’s because of experiences like this that make me love what I do.

Iceland Wedding At Hotel Budir

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