Kilronan Castle Wedding

Before I go on, I just have to say that this was one of the best outdoor weddings here in Ireland last year. It felt and looked like nature was happy that day. The flowers for this wedding were so beautiful and alive. The color concept was just subtle and elegant.

It’s Almost Time!

The bridal squad looked so good in their peach colored robe looking so gorgeous in their hair and makeup. The bride went to another private room to get her hair and make-up done. Also to get into her lovely dress. When the bride was ready, she stepped out for her girls to see her and they were in awe. I certainly had to capture that moment.

As I always love to do, I took the bride to a room that was beautifully decorated and took lovely personal photos of her in her dress. I need to take a moment to talk about her dress! It was so simple and elegant on her, the lace which was on the upper part exposed her beautiful back and then her makeup really enhanced the look.

From observing the bride, I knew the kind of person she was and the concept of pictures that she would be comfortable with. As an experienced photographer, I’ve learned that not all picture concepts would go well with everyone. Forcing a particular concept on a couple would make the picture look too unreal and staged. Thankfully, she was really comfortable with the ideas  and it worked well with it. My favorite shot was when she sat on her bed and help her well arranged flowers with the extra filter the sunlight gave the shot.

Here Comes!

The vow ceremony was lovely as there were emotions everywhere; it was really a wonderful moment. After the ceremony, we moved to the reception area which was uniquely decorated with the wedding colors. There was a small heart shape formed with candles lights and this just added the magical touch to my shot. After that, as sweet words were said about the couple, there was laughter and tears. In all, it just made this wedding a wonderful one.

Although, this wasn’t a large wedding but even as simple as it was, the little details that were added to it made it so unique.

Kilronan Castle Wedding