Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

Exclusive Luttrellstown Castle Wedding: A Luxurious Venue for a Fairy tale Day

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings is a dream place for every couple. It’s near Dublin, just 20 minutes from the airport. This grand castle is perfect for your special day.

The Van Stry Ballroom is amazing. As soon as you walk in, it takes your breath away. It’s big and can seat 120 people for dinner. But it still feels cozy, even for a small feast of 30.

Next to it is the Kentian Room. It’s more intimate and has beautiful tapestries and a fireplace. This room can seat 60 more people for dinner. You can use both rooms for a big party of 180 guests.

The Kentian Room is also great for indoor wedding ceremonies. It can seat up to 100 people. For bigger ceremonies, there’s the Gothic Hall. It seats up to 130 people. Or you can have your vows outside with the castle as a backdrop.

My favorite room at Luttrellstown is the library. It has comfy leather couches and a secret bookshelf door. It looks out onto private gardens. It’s perfect for a drinks reception or to relax in the evening.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings are magical and luxurious. It’s great for both large and intimate weddings. The garden is beautiful for celebrations. The castle experience makes your wedding day extra special.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings : Weddings Large and Small

Luttrellstown Castle is a unique wedding venue. It’s exclusive, which means it’s all yours. Whether your party is big or small, it’s perfect.

The castle’s rooms are ornately decorated. They are luxurious but feel intimate. You can connect rooms with double doors. Or close them for a cozier feel.

You’re not limited by guest numbers here. Luttrellstown Castle can have weddings of any size. From 20 to 180 guests, they can accommodate all. For Friday and Saturday weddings from May to October and December, you need at least 100 guests. But other times, you can have a smaller family celebration.

Elaine grew up near the castle. It’s special to her family. So, they chose it for their intimate November wedding. They had a small family celebration with great music and food.

November weddings here are not grey and dull. The autumn colors are striking. The late light is incredible. It makes the day exciting and memorable.

The castle is on a 567-acre estate. It’s expansive and has endless opportunities for fun. The grounds are magnificent and surround the castle. They strike you with their fairy-tale beauty.

The interior of the castle is uniquely decorated. It adds to the fairy-tale feel. Every corner offers a chance for beautiful photos. Your wedding day here will be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

The Space at Luttrellstown Castle: Elegant Irish Charm

Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland is perfect for dream weddings. The wedding team there makes your day exciting. They arrange everything from start to finish.

This castle is a fairytale venue. It feels magical and elegant. Even with its large size, the venue still feels cozy. It’s perfect for both big and small weddings.

The castle’s surroundings are stunning. They add to the fairytale feel. You’ll feel like you’re in a storybook. The castle’s extensive grounds are exquisite. They make a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

Inside,the Castle is just as amazing. Every room is decorated beautifully. It’s like stepping back in time, but with modern touches.

Your wedding at Luttrellstown Castle will be unforgettable. It’s a place where your special day becomes a cherished memory. The castle’s elegant Irish charm makes it a unique and wonderful choice for your wedding.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings and Accommodation

Luttrellstown Castle has incredible bedrooms. They are a big part of its charm. When you hire the castle, your friends and family can stay too.

The castle has 20 unique bedrooms. They can sleep up to 50 guests. Each room is decorated with history in mind. But they also have modern comforts.

From every window, you get incredible views. Waking up to these views is special. It’s like living in a fairytale for a night.

Staying in the castle is popular for wedding guests. After the wedding feast, it’s nice to have a room close by. The rooms enchant everyone who stays in them.

Your wedding day at Luttrellstown Castle is exciting. And staying in one of these bedrooms makes it even better. Each room has its own special look. It’s a wonderful end to an amazing day.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

Luttrellstown Castle wedding photos

Sinéad and James had their wedding at Luttrellstown Castle. It was a beautiful day. The weather was great, even in winter.

Their wedding photos are amazing. They show a relaxed and funny day. The couple looked happy and in love. The photos have modern vibes and are creative.

I took candid photos in a natural way. This means the pictures look real and not posed. The castle made a perfect backdrop for these photos.

The wedding was in a church. But the whole day at the castle was amazing. This included the evening time.

Their wedding day was exciting. The photos capture all the fun and love. Sinéad and James will always remember this special day. The photos at Luttrellstown Castle are a beautiful memory for them.

Luttrellstown Castle Weddings

Luttrellstown Castle wedding prices 

Weddings at Luttrellstown Castle are magical. But how much do they cost? Let’s find out.

The castle has a special rental price. It starts at €7,900. This includes breakfast too. Wedding packages begin at €200 per person.

There are different wedding packages. Each one offers something unique. They fit various budgets and styles. You can pick what suits you best.

The number of guests affects the cost. More guests might mean a higher price. The time of year also matters. Summer and weekends might cost more.

Extra services can add to the cost. Things like special decorations or entertainment. These make your wedding  more special.

For exact prices, it’s best to contact the castle. They can give you all the details. This way, you can plan your dream wedding perfectly.

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  1. This looks like something out of a fairy tale book! I just enjoyed looking through all the fantastic pictures of this beautiful couple. You (the photographer) were able to capture so much love and emotion in such a raw manner, it is amazing. I may be in touch real soon for my own wedding.

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