South of Toulouse Wedding

Getting booked to fly to France to shoot this lovely couple’s big day was just so exciting for me. It was a sunny day in Mancioux, which had really breathtaking views of the vegetation. It had really beautiful houses and the river. Before I began with the wedding shoot majorly, I had to take a few shots of the site.  I was pretty sure that the couple would love to see how supportive nature was for their big day!

Before The Big Moment!

Usually, I start my shots with the bride and the groom getting ready for their special moment but this time was a little different. I must say that I hardly see brides make up their minds to get so involved in planning their big day. This bride was one that I certainly admired as she took part and play a major role in preparing for her big day.

Everyone got up really early and was ready to get things ready. The bride and her sister started by getting the reception area ready for their guests. With help from her sister, she got some wooden tables and chairs to get cleaned and decorated for the reception. Watching them work and still have the prettiest smiles on their face was certainly one of the reasons I had to capture the moment.

As they cleaned the tables, they set it and trust me it was looking amazing. I also had to give the plate set special attention as it was so lovely! The area that was selected for the reception had the prettiest flowers which certainly brightened up the environment. After the reception area was set, they went on to the kitchen to bake the wedding cake!

I know it sounds surprising that the bride baked her own cake but to me, it showed how skillful she was. As they read the baking instructions and took measurements, I took nice shots of the both of them because it would be nice in years to come to see how she made her wedding cake. And of course, they had the biggest smiles on their faces which made it obvious that they were enjoying their selves. This was a house wedding so it made it easier for the bride to do most things herself perfectly.

It’s Time!

After everything was ready for the final moments, the bride went up to get herself ready for her special moment. After the couple said their vows, we moved on to a very beautiful field to take personal pictures of the couple. They were obviously so fond of each other and I loved it! Everyone was happy excited even as they got to the reception area which was amazing by the way. Seeing family and friends dancing and having fun would certainly please the couple.

The lighting was so perfect and it made my shots of everyone dancing come out even better! It was my pleasure to be part of everything.

South of Toulouse Wedding

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