Markree Castle Wedding

Romantic Markree Castle Wedding

Luxury Irish Castle Wedding

Markree Castle Wedding – Your experience at the Markree Castle as one of the best irish wedding venue is one that you will never forget especially because of how unique it was and relax. 

The Perfect Venue for a Wedding in Ireland

I have to admit I was privileged enough to be Sligo wedding photographer at Orla and Scott’s wedding. Taking place in Sligo, the awe-inspiring beaches and sea offer an ideal location for a wedding.

A Splash of Style and Personality.

The countless personal touches Orla and Scott added to their big day at a beautiful venue were what fascinated me the most. These delightful surprises added intrigue to the reception, all captured through my candid lens. Here is a detailed view of the memorable times that defined their one-of-a-kind wedding at Markree Castle for your wedding.

Markree Castle Wedding

Unique Romantic Weddings in Markree Castle in Sligo

Why Markree Castle for a Wedding?

And hey, it’s not just a pretty property, no – this stylish setting guarantees an affair as grandeurous as the castle grounds. This location is a civil-licensed estate that allows couples to choose from various indoor and outdoor settings that lend themselves to complete privacy for any celebration including civil, spiritual or humanist weddings. The options for style and grandeur are limitless with space to fit up to 210 guests. This made the venue ideal for weddings which perfectly fused ancient splendor with contemporary conveniences that defined Markree as a stand-out wedding site. Also there are so many photo opportunities for beautiful wedding. This venue provides the ideal location to celebrate your Special Day!

Sacred and Intimate Vows

The Chapel and the Grand Hall of Castle are its two stunning indoor venues to hold your ceremony. Your guest will always keep the Chapel’s beautiful stained glass and an antique organ in memory. Orla and Scott had their ceremony done outdoors, however, the charm of the Chapel was too hard to pass not to photograph some late pictures. For a smaller and even more intimate setting, the Grand Hall is filled with casual elegance.

Outdoor Splendor

One of its more striking outdoor choices consisted of the terrace castle, which was the place Orla and Scott decided to hold their ceremony. Next to the well-pruned lawns and rose garden, there is a picturesque terrace above a hypothetical wishing well. The gardens and developed forest provide an intimate, romantic scenery for those who are fond of basking in nature’s lap.

A Photographer’s Dream

The wedding photography on the ground of amazing places is actually an amazing experience. The curving gravel drives, cultivated gardens, and dense woods surrounding every bend offer picturesque setting that will add a tone of suit to your wedding snaps. The countryside by around is such a photogenic environment giving me the chance to bring out the real Orla and Scott on their special day.

Historic Digs Down Under

Markree Castle is from the 17th century and provides awe-inspiring exteriors, which goes hand-in-hand with its association to history therefore appreciated by history buffs. With on-site lodging and a focused staff to assist you in unwinding and making your dream wedding come true, the resort even becomes more attractive.

Markree Castle Wedding

Irish Markree Castle Wedding Venue

Getting Ready

To begin with the making of this wedding day documentary, I took shots capturing different items such as bridesmaids’ footwear, wedding invitation cards, bridal gowns, and engagement rings. But with the exception of the rings, most of these items fade into memory after the big day. With photography, you cannot take them with you so that the design can be shared later on.

Other elements such as the bride’s unique shoes, jewelry, and bridesmaids’ dresses were also spoken of. After that, I photographed the bride with her bridesmaids taking a toast prior to hair and make up. The air was full of happiness, which resulted to an emotional noiseless first look at the bride her bride maids and her father after dressing.

Afterward, I took photos of the bride and bridesmaids in formal. It had wonderful love-shaped umbrellas of lovely pastel colors. We subsequently proceeded to the onsite with the same before everyone went to the location of the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding was with a beautiful one that took place on the Manor terrace looking onto next to a manicured lawn at Markree. I did candid moments to show the subtleties of the celebration by not interfering with people and yet taking photo shots. First was a professional, and then the bridal march with Orla and her father.

These served to inform of the bride and groom at their civil service with beautiful photographs of the whole scene, including impressive grounds located just behind it. I also took photos of the couple at this point, as they exchanged their vows and rings. I also had the hand-binding ceremony on Orla and Scott and I videoed parts of it.

I loved so much that this couple chose to go with bubbles as their confetti. With the declaration that they were married, they kissed and then took a stroll together as husband and wife along the rose garden. After that, the cocktail hour and photo shoot of the day’s events started.

Wedding day photoshoot with bride, groom, and wedding party/cocktail hour.

As the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour, we commenced this wedding day photoshoot just at the walls of a castle. As I took some pictures of them on the wedding day we went for a walk down the estate’s beautiful winding gravel road. They were beautiful together and in love.

Afterward, we photographed the forests which had been reinvented before taking the bride and bridesmaids’ photos as well as the groom and his groomsmen. Afterward, the couple rejoined guests at cocktail hour. Drinks were shared, and conversations were held as I also took a photo of their pet and group photos.

The setup for the wedding reception was another thing that I loved capturing during cocktail hour. The chandeliers, flowers and table settings were delightful. The coordination of all their décor details was amazing, and I loved how every detail followed a similar theme.

Markree Castle Wedding

Exclusive Luxury Irish Castle Wedding Sligo

Wedding Reception

Johnson’s had a stunning indoor wedding reception in the gorgeous location. A well-lit indoor space, I loved it as a Sligo wedding photographer. The speeches were fun and game, including the speech by Scott thanking everyone.

A pleasant surprise and the star of the wedding celebration was also Tone Cold Sober, a singing group from Sligo. But that was after the two wed each other with a sword (yes you read that right). It was really a memorable time.

I took some indoor pictures of the couple because I enjoyed the architecture in this place as I mentioned earlier. Loved those chapel photos of theirs with the stained windows. Next, I took them on the dancefloor for their first dance.

In no time, the live band which played exciting dance music kept their relatives close to Orla and Scott. I captured everyone happy at the dancefloor on pictures then finally retired to bed.

Markree Castle Wedding

Unique Luxury Irish Markree Castle Wedding Sligo – FAQ

Markree Castle: How Many Bedrooms?

The en-suite guest bedrooms of this place are number 31. Every room has been created to make great use of this Castle’s special design which includes a mix of today’s excellent services in an actual 17th Century Irish Castle.

A Wedding Venue Like No Other?

The Markree Castle, County Sligo Ireland. The Cooper family lived in the house for 350 years. Today, it serves as a luxury hotel and is occupied mostly by those looking for wedding venues. Its beautiful grounds and old charm are loved by people. Some people wanted to go there and discover how families used to live in a castle while others just came to see it because today it is no longer a family home.

What Does It Cost to Get Married in a Castle in Ireland?

The cost of a wedding at an Irish castle ranges widely depending on the specific castles and regulated services, as well as the needs of different weddings. Couples can pay around €2,500 to €15,000 or more for the venue hire respectively. Only that, with additional services such as catering, entertainment and accommodation increases the price. In some castles, package deals are offered that may include a combination or all these services. For accurate pricing, it’s important to contact specific castles and put into consideration other wedding-related costs when budgeting.

Are there any special discounts or promotions that can reduce the Markree Castle wedding cost?

The best way to find out about any deals or discounts for a wedding at Markree is to have a chat with the folks there. They’re the ones who know all the ins and outs of their pricing, and they might have some special offers depending on when you’re planning to have your wedding or what kind of package you’re looking for. Just give them a call or drop them an email, and they’ll fill you in on everything you need to know to make your big day both special and budget-friendly. They’re super helpful and will guide you through all the options to make sure you get the best deal.

Is Markree Castle a good location for wedding photography?

Absolutely! The castle’s extensive ground and majestic surroundings make it a spectacular location for wedding photography. The elegant interiors coupled with the gorgeous exteriors will indeed provide a perfect backdrop for memorable photos of your beautiful wedding.

Markree Castle Wedding


·       Guest Accommodation: With 31 luxury bedrooms, Markree Castle ensures a comfortable stay for your guests.

·       Dining Options: The website of the castle lists a variety of fine-dining experiences but does not present detailed menu examples. they probably have several alternatives to satisfy different preferences.

·       Evening Entertainment: Most of the chambers in the castle are splendid and good for evening galas. Further, the evening entertainment may be carried out in a specific room supported by the guests’ numbers and your tastes.

·       Party Duration: No specific end time for parties is mentioned on the website, though it is likely that some restrictions apply as with other venues.

If one wants especially menu information and entertainment details, contacting this place directly would be the most appropriate. They will give you all the information for your occasions to be just as enchanting in return.

This Venue as a wedding venue provides an unforgettable experience.

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