Same Sex Wedding at Longueville House

Same Sex Wedding at Longueville House

Longueville House Wedding

Same Sex Wedding at Longueville House || Longueville House Wedding

When Martin and Derry contacted me to document their same sex wedding at Longueville House, I was excited. They are a lovely couple to work with, and I was looking forward to capturing their magnificent wedding venue. It is one of the most beautiful country houses in Ireland.

Planning a successful wedding is something to celebrate and look forward to. So as the date got closer, I prepared and was ready to give it my best. As you already know, I love documenting and sharing the beautiful celebrations I capture. Here’s how Martin and Derry’s Longueville House wedding went.

  • The Wedding Venue

Longueville House is a magnificent wedding venue located in Co. Cork, Ireland. It overlooks the river Blackwater and features a conservatory, rolling lawns and a beautiful 18th century Georgian country house. If you’ve been dreaming of having a country house wedding, this is the place for you.

Longueville House can cater for up to 120 wedding guests. It offers accommodation, catering and even a drink made from the orchard on the grounds. Couples who would love a sophisticated and unforgettable celebration will love this wedding venue.

Whether you choose to have an indoor or an outdoor celebration, Longueville House wedding has something to wow everyone. You’ll love the expertly restored details at this venue and its charming personality. For their celebration, Martin and Derry made use of the beautiful indoor spaces and Turner’s Conservatory at Longueville House.

  • Getting Ready

Before capturing the couple at this celebration, I started the day by capturing the venue and other important details. These included the wedding program, the venue décor and the setup for the celebration. Turner Conservatory, with its elegant ironmongering, looked really spectacular.

Another detail that I captured was the couple saying welcome to guests and loved ones. I also took pictures of the wedding rings and guests having a cup of tea as everyone got ready for the celebration. Then it was time to document the getting ready process of the couple.

I love when weddings are unconventional, and this same sex wedding at Longueville house was exactly that. The couple got ready together and helped each other with their cufflinks, shoes and ties. They also had help from family members.

While this happened, I took beautiful pictures of the special moments while ensuring that I wasn’t in the way. This is where I apply my candid wedding photography skills, as it allows me to take pictures without interrupting the moment.

  • The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony of this same sex wedding at Longueville House was beautiful. It started with the couple walking down the aisle hand in hand. They did this to beautiful live music from violins, a cello and a soloist. The ceremony was also private, with guests rising to welcome the couple.

For this ceremony, Martin and Derry had a female celebrant who officiated. She led them through readings, their ring exchange and a beautiful candle-lighting ceremony. Then they signed some papers and were introduced as a newly married couple. Everyone was delighted.

  • Cocktail Hour and Wedding Day Photos

Once the ceremony was over, Martin and Derry walked out into the arms of excited guests. It was all joy and laughter as they were congratulated on their union. I had a lovely time taking pictures of the couples with their guests at this point.

Next, it was time for the family portraits, and we used the indoor at Longueville House. The magnificent staircases made a lovely backdrop. So did the huge drapes and stunning wooden floors at this wedding venue.

For Martin and Derry’s Longueville House Wedding day photos, we started indoors. I took sitting portraits of the couple in their room before moving outdoors. Outside, the couple walked hand in hand for lovely photos and shared kisses. You can see how much they love each other in these photos.

  • Longueville House Wedding Reception

You’ll love the photos from the reception of this same sex wedding at Longueville House. It was set at Turner Conservatory. At some point, there was even a rainbow in the sky to bless the celebration. It was laughter and fun from the moment when the couple walked in, and very emotional.

The celebration started with speeches from family and loved ones appreciating and celebrating the couple. Then Martin and Derry both gave their thank you speeches before heading to cut their beautiful wedding cake. Everyone had a fabulous time at this reception.

  • Conclusion

Capturing this same sex wedding at Longueville House was one of the highlights of my year. The couple was lovely to work with, and I loved documenting them at this distinguished wedding venue. The pictures came out looking fabulous too. I wish them and their loved ones the very best now and always.

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