Summer Wedding at Hotel Doolin

Summer Wedding at Hotel Doolin

Claire and Michael’s Rustic Celebration

I love unconventional and fun wedding celebrations. I believe that these are the best ways to preserve your special moments. Your moment is more apt to memorable if you make it about yourself and your partner.

This Co. Clare Wedding Photography allowed me to document one of such lovely celebrations. It happened at the fabulous Hotel Doolin too. Here’s how the wonderful wedding of Claire and Michael went.

The Wedding Venue

Claire and Michael could not have picked a better venue for their celebration than Hotel Doolin. This wonderful place is located in the coastal village of Doolin St. Clare and offers a stunning atmosphere for your wedding. You and your guest will love every moment you spend here.

If you plan to have a summer wedding at Hotel Doolin like Claire and Michael have, you’ll enjoy it. This eco-friendly venue offers exclusivity and many perks for couples and their guests. Every space is stunning, as you’ll see in Claire and Michael’s Co.Clare wedding photography.

Getting Ready

I started this Summer wedding at Hotel Doolin by capturing the excited couple and their loved ones as they got ready. At points like these, I like to document other important wedding details that could soon be forgotten too. Like the gorgeous bouquet, the wedding rings and the invites.

You’ll notice that all of these details were in line with the rustic theme of the wedding. They looked so fabulous. I also took pictures of Claire’s beautiful wedding dress. You could already tell she’d look amazing in it.

However, Michael is who I first took pictures of as he knotted his tie and got set for the day. He and his groomsmen had on matching navy blue suits and looked fantastic. I loved capturing the special moments between them, like when Michael handed out his wedding day thank you gifts to them.

Next, I headed to Claire and her bridesmaids, who were getting ready too. Everyone looked excited and happy as they shared a toast. You could see the joy in Claire’s eyes as I took some great bridal portraits of her. As expected, she looked fabulous in her wedding dress.

The First Look

It is not often that I get to have a first look at a wedding that I capture, but I love it when I do. It is a fabulous opportunity for the couple to display their affection for one another. I’ve noticed it helps with the nerves before the big ceremony too.

First looks also allow me to capture the couple while they still look fresh and aren’t tired. As a result, the pictures are lovely, and I don’t have to take so many later in the day. It allows them to enjoy more time with their loved ones during cocktail hour.

Claire and Michael had a first look, and the pictures are so romantic. You can see how much they love and adore each other in them. Hotel Doolin provided a lovely backdrop for this moment and looked amazing too.

Clare Wedding Photography Couple Portraits

I took some couple portraits where they had the first look before we headed up to use the Atlantic as a backdrop. It looked so blue and incredible. A summer wedding at Hotel Doolin is definitely the best.

Through it all, I used my airy and light photography skills and let the couple be themselves and enjoy each other. I’ve discovered that this makes for more genuine and lovely photos. It was perfect for the unconventional and relaxed theme of the ceremony too.

Summer Wedding At Doolin Hotel Ceremony

After we returned from the first look and couple portraits, I headed to the ceremony space to document the décor. Everything looked fabulous, and I loved the rustic charm and personalised touches. The beautiful notices added a lovely unconventional touch too.

Next, I documented as the bridesmaids walked the aisle with guests excited to welcome them. It was the start of the wedding ceremony. It was all smiles and joy as the groomsmen came in too. Michael was waiting at the altar.

Now the moment when Claire walked the aisle escorted by her father, that was magical. Guests were on their feet applauding, and she looked so happy. I love it when weddings have unscripted and beautiful moments like these.

At the altar, the female wedding celebrant led the couple through the activities of the ceremony. Through the readings, vows and ring exchange, I was there. I always use my candid wedding photography skills to document moments like these. Remaining unseen while capturing every lovely moment.

Claire and Michael had many unity rituals as part of their ceremony, and I loved this. They had a candle lighting and even binding ritual. It was so beautiful as the celebrant guided them through it all. Then they were pronounced married, shared their first kiss and happily walked back up the aisle to the waiting arms of loved ones.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour is where I ended documenting this couple’s beautiful wedding as they mingled with loved ones. As mentioned earlier, I did not need to sneak them away from this, and they had a lovely time mingling with guests.

I started by capturing the lovely décor of the cocktail hour space and the reception space. I must say, Hotel Doolin did such a fabulous job with the décor. The couple shared a toast, there was a lovely little live band playing, and the atmosphere was fun.

This was also when I took the portraits with the wedding party. It was so much fun as they were genuine and had fun while I captured away. Then I took pictures of the guests and kids having fun with each other and playing games too.

Final Words

I had such a lovely time capturing this couple and their loved ones at their unconventional summer wedding at Hotel Doolin. It was an exciting time, and I am glad that I got to be a part of their Co. Clare wedding photography. I wish you both the best now and always, Claire and Michael.


Summer Wedding at Hotel Doolin


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