Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

Elegant Tankardstown House Wedding Venue in Meath


Tankardstown House Wedding Photography – It is a beautiful wedding venue in Meath. It’s known for its elegance and luxury. This place is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s one of the best wedding venues in Ireland.

The manor house is from the 18th century. It’s a big, grand house with lots of history. The main house has rooms that are bright and pretty. They’re great for family dinners or just relaxing.

Tankardstown’s walled garden is a special place. It’s perfect for an outdoor wedding. Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by flowers and greenery. It’s a setting that makes your big day unforgettable.

The Orangery at Tankardstown is really elegant. It’s a fancy space for your wedding or for having drinks. The big windows make it look like a fairytale.

Tankardstown House can host up to 250 guests. It’s an exclusive country house wedding venue. The beautiful grounds of Tankardstown offer lots of spots for photos. There are many opportunities for beautiful wedding pictures.

Having your ceremony on site at Tankardstown is special. The country house wedding here is full of style. The main manor house and the drawing rooms add to the charm.

Tankardstown House is entirely about making your wedding amazing. It’s not just a venue; it’s where your new life together begins with style. If you’re looking for a place that’s beautiful and full of history, Tankardstown is waiting for you.

It’s a place where your special day is not just an event but a beautiful beginning to your story together. So, if you’re looking for a venue that combines beauty, history, and attention to every detail, Tankardstown is one of the best wedding venues in Ireland.

Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

Tankardstown House – Getting Ready in Boyne House

Siobhan and Donal’s wedding day at Tankardstown was perfect. It was a beautiful October day with lovely sunlight. This modern and elegant couple had so much fun. They laughed and enjoyed their time with the bridal party.

Getting ready happened at Boyne House, just outside Slane. It’s a special place near Tankardstown House. The beautiful grounds of Tankardstown made a great backdrop. They had plenty of time for fun and candid photos.

As their wedding photographer, I loved capturing these moments. The bridesmaids were all smiles, making the day even more joyful. Siobhan and Donal, the bride and groom, looked amazing.

Their hair and make-up were perfect. It added to the elegance of the day. Tankardstown House, with its 18th century manor, was stunning. It’s one of my favorite places for wedding photographs.

This amazing wedding in Co Meath was a day to remember. It was part of Ireland’s Blue Book of great places. The wedding party made the day unforgettable.

Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony in Tankardstown House

Siobhan and Donal chose to have their wedding ceremony in a church. They picked the Church of the Immaculate Conception. It’s a beautiful church, perfect for their special day.

As their wedding photographer, I was excited to capture these moments. Tankardstown House, in the heart of the Boyne Valley, was nearby. It’s a place that offers many options for wedding photos.

Having their ceremony in the church was special. It added a traditional touch to their day. After the ceremony, we went to Tankardstown House. This venue is entirely yours and exclusive on your wedding day.

The drive leading up to Tankardstown House is stunning. It’s a great spot for taking photos. As a Meath wedding photographer, I’ve photographed many weddings here. Each one is unique and beautiful.

Tankardstown House provides loads of opportunities for amazing photos. Every wedding here is special. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Dublin or Meath, Tankardstown House is a great choice.

Getting married in Tankardstown means you have many options on site. It’s a place that makes your wedding day unforgettable. Siobhan and Donal’s ceremony was just the start of a wonderful celebration.

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Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

As the Tankardstown House wedding photographer, I had a fantastic day. The couple was gorgeous and so easy-going. Their modern style shone through, especially in the fantastic dress.

We took photos inside the house and in the garden. We were lucky to get beautiful sunset shots. The day was just perfect for photography.

In the old walled garden, we captured relaxed and candid moments. The courtyard and the beautiful grounds of Tankardstown provided so many photo opportunities.

We also took some family photos in the garden. Everyone looked happy and at ease. Tankardstown House is a great place for beautiful wedding photos. It was a joy to photograph this beautiful Tankardstown House wedding.

Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

Our photo gallery shows the magic of weddings here. Each picture tells a story of love and happiness. You’ll see smiles, laughter, and beautiful moments.

The garden, with its flowers and sunset, looks amazing. Inside, the rooms are elegant and full of light.

Families and friends are captured in joyful photos. Every image in our gallery shows why this place is special for weddings.

Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

Wedding Reception in Tankardstown House

The evening at Tankardstown House was fantastic. All the guests felt relaxed and chilled. There was so much fun everywhere. People were mingling and enjoying the drinks reception.

During the reception, there were speeches and cake cutting. Everyone was having a great time. The dinner went smoothly and was right on time.

It was one of the locations where everything felt perfect. The atmosphere was joyful and lively. Weddings at Tankardstown House are always special. This evening was no exception. It was a night filled with laughter, fun, and beautiful moments.

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  1. Meath has some of the best locations for weddings, I swear! I am just in love with every single one of them, making it so hard for me to choose! I just got engaged and I am getting so many ideas already. You did a fantastic job with the photography here. I love the bride’s dress and style, it goes well with the natural backdrop and the timeless architecture.

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