The Chocolate Factory Dublin Wedding

The Chocolate Factory Dublin Wedding

Jo and Niall’s Rustic Wedding

The Chocolate Factory Dublin Wedding

One of the most popular Dublin wedding venue

If you take a look at my portfolio and some of the weddings I’ve captured over the years, you’ll discover one truth: I love the unconventional. Unique couples who are themselves, have been a big part of my brand here at Art Wedding Photography and it’s one I intend to cultivate for a very long time.

Jo and Niall’s wedding at the Chocolate Factory in Dublin was all of these things and more. From the rustic décor to the personalized wedding ceremony, this lovely couple had the best kind of love celebration. Here are some of the beautiful things about this wedding that stood out to me.

The Wedding Venue

One thing about The Chocolate Factory Dublin wedding is that it will be personalized. This lovely venue has a unique urban style to it. You’ll love it because it a blank canvas and you can use your décor to bring life to your event. Jo and Niall gave their wedding a rustic look, and it was amazing.

The Fashion Coordination

First, I love, love how unconventional Jo was with her wedding fashion. This certainly lent credibility to the relaxed rustic vibe of the Chocolate Factory Dublin Wedding and made it so beautiful. She had on a lovely top and skirt finishing off the look with white sneakers. The fact that Niall’s pocket square and tie matched with her was also beautiful. They were able to portray their individualizes while staying united.

The Personalized Ceremony

The Chocolate Factory Dublin wedding was perfect in its personalisation. It was special from the couple walking down the aisle hand in hand to being married by a friend. This couple also had a small wedding party and were all smiles. Who wouldn’t be? The day was beautiful!

The Candle Lighting Ritual

The candle lighting ritual is a ceremony that symbolizes unity in a wedding. In this ritual, the couple lights two candles representing themselves. They then use these two candles to light a bigger candle showing their unity in marriage. The Chocolate Factory Dublin wedding carried out this ritual as part of their wedding ceremony. They had a pretty table set up to the side with the candles and lovely décor.

The Overall Originality

This wedding was original in all aspects, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s a favorite of mine. From Jo penning down genuine words from her heart the morning of the wedding to the real hugs, I loved it all. You can just tell that this couple is down to earth and that their celebration was truly as they wanted it.

The Photo Session

Capturing Jo and Niall on North King Street Dublin was truly out of the box and original. From the artistic graffiti background to the cars in the street, it was all magical. The brick walls and cobbled streets also played their part to make amazing portraits pictures that you’ll fall in love with.

How I Did at Jo and Niall’s Wedding

The Chocolate Factory Dublin wedding was very special to me. I loved the fact that this couple were original and showed it in their celebration. I also loved the rustic wedding décor and the candlelight dinner theme. Capturing this couple and their loved ones was a strong highlight of my year. Thanks for letting me a part of your family at your beautiful wedding Jo and Niall. I wish you all the very best now and always.

If you need a Candid Wedding Photographer for your wedding in Dublin, you should reach out to me. Here at Art Wedding Photography, I believe that every couple deserves to have their dream wedding beautifully documented. If you send me a message by clicking on this link, we could get started talking about your wedding photography immediately. I would love to hear from you.

The Chocolate Factory Dublin Wedding

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