The Lodge At Ashford Castle Wedding

This was another wedding that I can say had that lovely family touch to it. First of all, the fact that the wedding was done at the Ashford Castle gave it a kind of historical elegance. The rooms had some really nice and historical art which I certainly had to capture them.

It’s Finally Here!

The bride didn’t spend much time on her hair and makeup because she wanted a really subtle look for her wedding. But, even though she didn’t have heavy makeup on, she still looked so pretty. I decided to focus on her more taking personal pictures in her room. I always love taking pictures of brides sitting pretty; it’s one of my photography signatures!

The next on the agenda was to get to the ceremony where she was escorted by her chief bridesmaid ad her mom. Seeing how her mom assisted her with her train made this a moment I had to capture. The weather was nice and clear although not sunny but it gave me an idea of how I wanted my editing features to be.

The bride was so beautiful and it’s no wonder why the groom went out of his way to please her.

It’s Official!

After the vows and I dos, the next location was the reception area which was beautiful decorated. Family and friends were all around looking so happy and excited for her and this atmosphere just gave me so much zeal to take more pictures. As an experienced photographer, I’ve mastered the art of capturing moments of the guests around, little details of the wedding, and most importantly the couple.

Getting carried away was not an option even though there were so many things going on. This wedding was a perfect definition of simple and elegant! As the bride and groom sat on their reserved table, speeches were given by her father and other close relatives. The bride could not help but get filled with so many emotions. It was a wonderful sight for me. The groom wasn’t left out as he also gave a speech and she had smiles all over her face.


The next part of this beautiful wedding was party time! Seeing how older relatives came out in their beautiful dresses to dance and have fun was very amusing to me. While the day was still bright, I took the couple out to the field to take personal photos of them. Now this was also one of my favorite parts because of how easy the couple made it for me without having to give them posing styles.

After this, we went to an old tree that was decorated with beautiful lights and we took so many shots there. It was magical. Taking pictures in the night wasn’t difficult for me because I had my professional camera with me.

Always being able to share this special day with different lovely couples is something that makes me love my job so much!

The Lodge At Ashford Castle