Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Say ‘I Do’ in a Castle Filled with History Your wedding day is set in Ireland’s emerald embrace. Imagine the echoes of history as your wedding backdrop.

Enchantment Cast in Stone Irish castles are more than just buildings; they’re legends in stone. They’ve stood through love, battles, and celebrations. Now, it’s your turn to be part of that legacy.

Be the Next Chapter in Centuries of Love Stories These castles have tales to tell. Will your wedding be the next one they whisper about?

An Atmosphere Dripping with History Old towers, ancient legends, and your love story. Marrying here isn’t just an event. It’s stepping into a tale as old as time.

More Than a Wedding Day An Irish castle wedding weaves your love into the land’s lore. This is a place of myths, music, and joy. Ready to add your story to the echoes of Ireland?

1. Your Dream Wedding at Luttrellstown Castle

Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Your Dream Wedding at Luttrellstown Castle

A Castle from Your Dreams Ever thought of a wedding in a castle from fairy tales? Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland is where dreams become reality.

A Royal Welcome Awaits Drive through the gates and time stands still. Ancient walls and endless green fields greet you.

Step Inside to Warmth and Wonder The castle doors open to reveal cozy grandeur. Spacious rooms bathed in sunlight, each with its own story.

Charm in Every Corner Wooden beams and stone fireplaces await. Every room is a chapter of history.

Beauty Beyond the Castle Walls The magic extends to the castle grounds. Gardens bloom, waters whisper, and there’s even a golf course!

A Walk to Remember Stroll the grounds, breathe the fresh air. This is where the world pauses just for you.

Your Day, Your Way Big bash or intimate affair? Luttrellstown adapts to your dream wedding.

Seamless Celebrations With a team that treats your day like royalty, every detail is handled with care.

A Venue Like No Other History, nature, and your love story unite. At Luttrellstown Castle, your wedding is not just an event—it’s a legacy.

2. Discover the Charm of Castle Leslie Estate

Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Ireland’s Hidden Gem Looking for a unique Irish getaway? Castle Leslie Estate in Monaghan is your answer.

A Legacy of Warmth This isn’t just any estate; it’s a home with history. The Leslie family’s warmth fills every room.

Cozy Corners and Family Tales Step into rooms that whisper stories of the past. Comfort and history blend in every nook.

Adventure Awaits Horseback riding, fishing, or wandering— Castle Leslie is an escape into nature’s embrace.

Celebrate in Style Dreaming of a wedding with character? Castle Leslie knows how to throw a legendary celebration.

Feasts and Festivities Indulge in food that’s as grand as the setting. Every bite is a part of the Castle Leslie experience.

Choose Your Perfect Spot Your wedding, tailored to you. From lakeside vows to castle banquets, your choices are endless.

An Estate for All Seasons Whether it’s a weekend away or your big day, Castle Leslie Estate promises unforgettable moments.

3. Step Into the Enchantment of Castle Durrow Country House Hotel

Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland
Top 10 Best Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Ireland’s Secret Castle Ever dreamed of a castle hidden in Ireland’s heart? Castle Durrow in Laois is that secret waiting for you.

A Fairytale Entrance Walk through these doors into a storybook scene. History and elegance meet in every corner.

Gardens of Serenity Stroll through gardens that bloom with peace. Each season paints a new masterpiece here.

Say ‘I Do’ in a Castle Looking for a wedding spot with magic? Castle Durrow promises a day as special as your love.

Service Fit for Royalty Imagine your wedding with flawless service and feasts. Here, they make every moment count.

A Getaway or a Grand Day Plan a break or the biggest day of your life. This castle is more than a venue; it’s a slice of heaven in Ireland.

4. Lough Rynn Castle : Where History Meets Modern Luxury

Lough Rynn Castle
Lough Rynn Castle
Lough Rynn Castle
Lough Rynn Castle

A Lakeside Retreat with a Historical Twist Discover a place where time stands still: Lough Rynn Castle. Nestled by serene waters, it’s a gateway to the past with a modern twist.

Elegance in Every Room Step inside to a world where history sleeps in modern beds. The castle’s rooms are a dance of antique grace and present-day comfort.

Stroll Through Time on Lush Grounds Wander the expansive greens and hidden woodland paths. The lake whispers stories of old, inviting you for a moment of peace.

Your Fairytale Wedding Awaits Dreaming of a wedding wrapped in romance? Lough Rynn Castle is the stage for your love story.

A Gem in Ireland’s Crown For weddings, getaways, or just because— Lough Rynn Castle is a treasure to be discovered.

5. Markree Castle : Where Elegance Meets Timeless Romance

Markree Castle
Markree Castle
Markree Castle
Markree Castle

A Castle Wedding Dream Come True Dreaming of a castle wedding? Markree Castle in County Sligo is where dreams are crafted into reality.

Step into a Storybook Setting The castle doors open to a world where history hugs modernity. Classic charm meets today’s comfort within these storied walls.

A Tapestry of Timeless Elegance Grand fireplaces, plush sofas, and antique charm. Every detail at Markree whispers elegance.

Gardens of Endless Beauty Stroll through vibrant gardens and by tranquil rivers. Your wedding album awaits its fairy-tale backdrop.

A Team Devoted to Your Day Here, your wedding day is a work of art. Every dish, every detail, is a brushstroke of perfection.

Markree Castle: Your Wedding Canvas For a venue that paints your day in unforgettable hues, Markree Castle is the masterpiece you seek.

6. Darver Castle : Crafting Your Unique Wedding Fantasy

A  Wedding Tailored Just for You Ever dreamt of a wedding that’s as unique as your love story? Darver Castle in County Louth is where dreams take shape.

Feel the Magic from the First Step The moment you enter, the castle’s charm envelops you. Ancient walls whisper history, while modern comforts await inside.

A Timeless Setting for Your Memories Here, the past and present dance together. Creating an unforgettable canvas for your special day.

Bespoke Celebrations to Match Your Vision Your wedding at Darver is a reflection of your personal fairy tale. Every detail is sculpted to celebrate your unique journey together.

Darver Castle: Where Dreams are Woven into Reality For a venue that weaves your wishes into every moment, Darver Castle is the heart where your wedding dreams come alive.

7. Cabra Castle : A Royal Backdrop for Your Love Story

Vows Amidst Splendor Envision your vows in a setting as grand as your love. Cabra Castle in Cavan stands as a beacon of luxury and majesty.

Opulence in Every Corner The castle’s grandeur isn’t just skin deep. Step inside to a world where luxury weaves through every room.

A Tapestry of History and Romance Here, the walls echo with tales of love and regal splendor. Cabra Castle is where history meets your future.

An Exclusive Affair Your wedding deserves the castle’s undivided attention. Every detail, every moment, is crafted just for you.

Cabra Castle: The Crown Jewel of Wedding Venues For a day that’s etched in luxury and personal touches, Cabra Castle reigns supreme.

8. Waterford Castle : Where History and Panoramas Intertwine

Waterford Castle
Waterford Castle
Waterford Castle
Waterford Castle

Say “I Do” Surrounded by Splendor Picture your vows encircled by stunning vistas. Waterford Castle, where history’s charm and luxury converge.

A Castle Rich with Tales Every nook of the castle has a story to share. It stands as an extraordinary canvas for your unforgettable day.

Gardens and Woodlands: Your Enchanted Setting The award-winning greenery beckons for romantic strolls and photo moments. A serene retreat from the joyous bustle of your celebration.

Waterford Castle: Your Dream Venue Awaits For a wedding that marries scenic beauty with historical allure, Waterford Castle is your ultimate destination.

9. Kinnitty Castle : A Fairytale Wedding Awaits

A Grand Entrance to Forever Step into a realm where love reigns supreme. Kinnitty Castle stands proud amidst Ireland’s serene landscapes.

Nature’s Own Canvas Verdant gardens and tranquil ponds await your story. A photographer’s paradise, each corner a snapshot of romance.

Historic Elegance Meets Modern Splendor Ballrooms sparkle under chandeliers, ready for grand festivities. While quiet nooks offer a haven for tender moments.

Tailored to Your Heart’s Desire Every detail, from cuisine to decor, is yours to command. The Kinnitty team weaves your dreams into every aspect.

Your Enchanted Journey Begins Here For a day as unique as your love, Kinnitty Castle beckons. Discover the magic where your wedding fantasies come to life.

10. Dromoland Castle : Where History Hugs Comfort

A Storybook Setting Step into a tale of towers and tranquility. Dromoland Castle, where every stone tells a story.

A Warm Welcome Awaits History meets hospitality in every room. Feel at home among the echoes of the past.

Gardens, Lakes, and Leisurely Paths Discover the great outdoors, Dromoland style. A perfect blend of nature’s beauty and peaceful pursuits.

Tailored Experiences for Every Guest From grand weddings to serene stays, they’ve got you covered. Indulge in the luxury of personalized attention.

An Unforgettable Irish Escape For a stay that weaves history with heartwarming moments. Dromoland Castle invites you to write your own chapter.

Bonus – Fairytale Castle Wedding Venues

1. Wilton Castle : A Cozy Corner of Irish History

Wilton Castle
Wilton Castle
Wilton Castle
Wilton Castle

A Grand Exterior with a Heartwarming Twist Classic castle grandeur meets the warmth of a welcoming hug. Wilton Castle, where history embraces you at the door.

Step Inside: A Blend of Eras Where every nook is a narrative and comfort meets legacy. Feel the stories unfold around you in every room.

The Charm of Yesteryear with Today’s Comfort Antique allure paired with the coziness of modern living. Rest in the luxury of time-honored hospitality.

Embrace the Serenity Outdoors Wide-open greens, ancient trees, and the whisper of the Irish breeze. Find your peace in the embrace of nature.

Your Fairytale Wedding, Minus the Fuss Simple elegance, heartfelt moments, and a celebration that’s truly yours. Wilton Castle, where your wedding dreams take a comfortable shape.

The Magic of Laid-back Luxury For those seeking a retreat or a celebration, find your story here. Wilton Castle, a haven of tranquility and joyous gatherings.

2. Ashford Castle :Where Elegance Meets the Emerald Isle

A Majestic Welcome Awaits Step into a story centuries in the making. This Castle stands as a testament to Ireland’s timeless beauty.

Luxury Wrapped in History High ceilings, roaring fireplaces, and the comfort of modern luxury. Each room at Ashford Castle is a chapter from a grand tale.

Endless Exploration and Adventure Gardens, lakes, and ancient woodlands beckon. Discover the secrets of Ashford Castle with every step.

A Fairytale Setting for Your Special Day Exchange vows against a backdrop of historic splendor. Your wedding at Ashford Castle will be the stuff of legends.

An Experience That Transcends Time More than a stay—it’s a journey through the heart of Ireland. Ashford Castle is where moments become cherished memories.

The Essence of Irish Charm For a getaway or a grand celebration, this castle is your gateway to enchantment. Ashford Castle invites you to a world of magical experiences.

3. Adare Manor: A Timeless Tapestry of Irish Elegance

A Grand Entrance to Remember Drive through the gates and be transported to an era of grandeur. Adare Manor stands as a proud guardian of history and luxury.

Warmth Amidst Grandeur Step inside to a world where luxury meets legacy. The interiors of Adare Manor are a masterclass in elegance.

A Story in Every Corner From grand staircases to plush drawing rooms, history whispers in the walls. Adare Manor is a living narrative of Ireland’s rich past.

Nature’s Own Artistry Stroll through gardens or toast by the River Maigue. The grounds of Adare Manor are a canvas of natural beauty.

Celebrate in Style Mark your special moments with the manor’s timeless charm. Adare Manor is not just a venue; it’s the setting for memories that will last a lifetime.

The Essence of Irish Hospitality Where every guest is treated with regal reverence. Adare Manor invites you to be part of its continuing story.

Belleek Castle: Mayo’s Enchanted Realm

Step Into a Fairytale Imagine a place where knights and legends feel right at home. Belleek Castle sits proudly in Mayo, a true storybook escape.

Echoes of the Past Feel the history in walls lined with ancient armor. Every corner of the castle has a story waiting for you.

Where Old Meets New Find comfort by fires that have burned for ages. Belleek Castle mixes the old days with today’s comforts.

A Garden of Dreams Take a walk where the trees and flowers tell their own tales. The castle’s gardens are like pages from a magical story.

Taste the Castle’s Bounty Enjoy meals fit for royalty, made from the land’s best. The castle’s kitchen is all about celebrating what’s local and tasty.

Say ‘I Do’ in Magic Start your forever in a place that’s stood the test of time. Belleek Castle knows how to turn your big day into a real-life fairytale.

Feel the Warmth of Ireland Be welcomed like family, in a place where every visitor becomes a part of the story. At Belleek Castle, the welcome is as warm as the hearth.

Kilkea Castle: Kildare’s Crown Jewel

Step through time walk into a world where everything says luxury. Kilkea Castle stands in Kildare, emblem of eternal beauty.

The halls have been traversing where history has danced for millions of years. Its noble narrative invites you to its walls.

Yesterdays’ luxury; live in rooms where kings slept, with today’s softness. Here, history’s grandeur meets that of modern day luxuriance at Kilkea Castle.

Wandering gardens of Nature’s masterpiece which blossoms for an echo from Eden. The gardens surrounding the castle provide a permanent sanctuary for meditation and laughter.

Eat like a King, Taste the history of Ireland in every bite. The culinary trip of Kilkea Castle is the essence of the tasty and traditional cuisine of the country.

Exchange vows of forever with each other at a venue as enduring as love itself. Weddings that are beyond legendary take place at Kilkea Castle.

Heart of Irish welcome-step into a comfort that is like home. At Kilkea Castle, guest is valued and every travel feel like magic.

Glin Castle: A Breathtaking Venue for Intimate Irish Weddings

Civil ceremonies story book entrance.

Cross over the threshold and visit a Castle.
A civil ceremony is hosted in this 18th-century castle surrounded by a timeless love of age.

Hall of a traditional castle.

Walk through centuries old corridors that is ideal for the dreamers of a historic intimate wedding.
You will be getting value for your money as you exchange vows against the backdrop of a beautiful Irish legacy.

Luxury Meets Legacy

Experience the elegance of this medieval fortress, where every bedroom represents the history that has passed.
GThis Venue effortlessly combines the luxury of its traditions with the individualised luxuries required for contemporary intimate weddings.

The Century Castle’s Enchanted Gardens.

Stroll through the green glory of gardens in Glin castle, an ideal set to capture the bride’s wedding snaps and relaxation time.
The historical grounds on which these celebrations take place also serve as tranquil places of serene contemplation.

Food and drink, served up in a historical setting.

Explore the art of cuisine and learn about how Irish wedding is presented in this nineteenth century castle.
Glin Castle takes pride in culinary and dining experience that celebrates Ireland’s gastronomy tradition.

A Castle Steeped in Romance

Take your wedding vows where numerous Irish love stories have taken place.
Glin Castle, specialized in creating intimate wedding that echoes both with grandeur and intimacy that characterize its historic environment.

The Heart of Irish Hospitality

Experience the authenticity of Irish wedding warmth that is world-famous.
Each couple receives a warm welcome with open hearts at Glin Castle that makes their day a legendary one as the castle itself is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Castle Weddings

Q: Want a magical castle for your big day?

  • A: Imagine tying the knot at Belle Isle Castle with its cozy charm, saying ‘I do’ at Dublin’s grand Clontarf Castle, having a seaside ceremony at Ballygally Castle, feeling like royalty at Slane Castle, enjoying the elegance of Bellingham Castle, or indulging in the luxury of Kilkea Castle.

Q: What’s so special about Clontarf Castle for weddings?

  • A: Clontarf Castle offers amazing spots like a big, fancy hall and a garden full of roses, perfect for both your wedding and the party after.

Q: Can I have my wedding and reception at the same castle?

  • A: Yes! Places like Belle Isle and Clontarf let you have your ceremony and party all in one spot, making your day smooth and easy.

Q: Are there other cool places to get married in Ireland, besides castles?

  • A: Sure! Ireland has lots of other beautiful places for weddings, like venues by the sea, big country houses, and spots full of history.

Q: Will my wedding be the only one at Ballygally Castle on that day?

  • A: Yep, Ballygally Castle makes sure your wedding is the only one they focus on that day, giving you a private and special experience.

Q: Can I have my wedding outside at a castle?

  • A: Many Irish castles have gorgeous outdoor spots like gardens or places with great views for your wedding ceremony.

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