Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

Virginia Park Lodge Wedding – this venue, located in Ireland, is a dreamy wedding venue. Imagine celebrating your special day surrounded by stunning gardens and the serene Lake Ramor. This place is not just a venue; it’s a fairy tale setting for your “I do.”

The lodge boasts an elegant bridal suite, ensuring your wedding day starts in luxury. The bedrooms are cozy, offering comfort for you and your guests. The lodge becomes your private haven with exclusive use, making your celebration intimate and unique.

The walled garden and marquee provide perfect spots for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Whether you prefer a garden wedding with natural beauty or an indoor celebration, Virginia Park  caters to your style. The accommodation options add to the charm, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.

At this venue, every detail is taken care of, from the picturesque backdrop of Lake Ramor to the finely decorated indoors. It’s a venue that promises not just a wedding but an unforgettable experience in the heart of Ireland.

Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

Beautiful Irish Wedding At Virginia Park Lodge

Shona and Michael’s wedding at Virginia Park Lodge was a winter wonderland. It was full of joy and emotions. The couple and their bridal party brought amazing modern vibes to the day. The lodge’s bridal suite was perfect for getting ready. It was a black tie event, adding elegance to the occasion.

As the photographer, I found the natural light at venue ideal for photos. The grounds were a photographer’s dream, offering gorgeous backdrops. The morning was filled with excitement as everyone prepared. The lodge could easily accommodate everyone, making it a comfortable experience.

Every look and touch between Shona and Michael was magical. The house itself added to the beauty of their day. It was an amazing wedding that left everyone in awe.

Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

Virginia Park Lodge Wedding Ceremony

Virginia Park Lodge is a lovely place for weddings. It is licensed to hold civil ceremonies and partnerships. Couples enjoy their special day outdoors, surrounded by nature. Photographing these moments is a pleasure. Brides in white dresses and grooms in suits show their love. It’s wonderful here. Everyone feels the joy of the ceremony in this charming location.

Virginia Park Lodge Wedding

Who owns Virginia Park Lodge?

Richard Corrigan owns Virginia Park Lodge. He’s a famous chef. Richard loves good food and beautiful places. He made the lodge a special spot for weddings and events. This is a place where people celebrate important days.

Who is the chef at Virginia Park Hotel?

The chef at Virginia Park Hotel is Richard Corrigan. He makes amazing dinners. Richard picks quality food for every meal. You can choose from tasty dishes. He’s known for great cooking!

How much does a wedding cost in Park Lodge Virginia?

The cost of a wedding at Virginia Park Lodge varies depending on several factors. However, a general guideline for pricing is from €170 per person. This price includes a range of services and amenities to make your wedding day special.


Personal Thoughts

Virginia Park Lodge in Ireland is like a fairy tale for weddings. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and Lake Ramor, it’s magical. The lodge has a fancy bridal suite and cozy rooms for guests. You can have your wedding inside or outside in the garden. It’s perfect for making your special day unforgettable.

Owned by Chef Richard Corrigan, the lodge offers yummy food. A wedding here costs from €170 per person. It’s a place where every detail is perfect. Shona and Michael had a winter wonderland wedding here. It was full of joy and love. The lodge made their day extra special. It’s a wonderful place for a wedding!

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