Waterford Castle Wedding

It was a sunny day at Waterford and a perfect day to have a wedding photo shoot. As this was an elopement wedding, there wasn’t any family member present and well. It actually made it easier for me to put all focus on the bride and the groom.  I also didn’t get carried away as I took beautiful shots of some historic painting in the castle. The castle was so lovely and huge. As an experienced photographer, I knew that the couple would appreciate seeing the venue if their wedding in some years to come.

The Location

While editing the pictures, I had to be mindful of the colors of the castle so that it could be complimented by the trees and the beautiful lawn. Waterford Castle is a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony because of the history and also the lovely environment. Apart from the beautiful architecture of the castle, the paintings that were arranged along the staircase added to the classiness of the building.

I couldn’t get enough of the place! It also had a beautiful forest where I took most of their pictures together. Also, while they were still getting ready, it was so cute to see when the groom helped his bride put on her shoe and as expected, I captured it from a really good angle.

Into The Woods!

So, after the bride and the groom where all dressed and ready for the event, we moved into the woods to get nice portrait pictures of them together. As a photographer, you must be able to make any shoot location beautiful and appropriate.

In this case, their attire really complimented the trees and the ground. From the right angles, as we moved to another part of the castle, I captured moments of them as they held hands and walked together. This was definitely a true definition of love. I took lovely shots of the couple looking in love together.

Trying not to be a boring photographer, I encouraged them to have a little fun by dancing and playing together. I made sure I captured that well despite the fact that they were moving.

As we moved back to another part of the castle, I capture a beautiful moment when they stood in front of a door.  Also i got some photos when they went into another room. They sat together on the sofa and the lights made the atmosphere really romantic as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Love shouldn’t be restricted to any factor, as long as two people have genuine love for each other; they deserve to be happy and well supported.

This was a memorable experience for me mostly because of the wedding location and the obvious love between the couple. This most certainly wasn’t the usual really colorful themed wedding but it didn’t matter because it was still beautiful. It was one of my favorite wedding shoots and I was glad to create beautiful memories for them.

Waterford Castle Wedding