Wedding in Boyne Hill House

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Karina And Damien’s Rustic Themed Wedding

Wedding in Boyne Hill House


Boyne Hill House is considered one of the most exclusive and private venues for your wedding in Ireland. It was where Karina and Damien had their marriage ceremony, and I had the privilege of documenting it. Their wedding day was beautiful, with the sun making an appearance. The grounds, the mansion and the surroundings of this remarkable venue all came together to create a perfect celebration. Here’s a short recap of how Karina and Damien’s day went.

Before the Ceremony

Boyle Hill House is magnificent and offers many lovely photo opportunities. I started the day, capturing beautiful views of the surroundings. From the attractive rustic signage to horses at the paddock, I was also able to capture the magical Boyne River. There’s a reason why this venue is known as a romantic venue. You can see it in the art on the walls and the lighting in the rooms.

I first captured the bride and her bridal party getting ready. They popped champagne and had a lovely time. We were even able to go outside and use a beautiful vintage car as a prop for the getting ready pictures. Everyone was in high spirits, and there was so much fun. I also captured essential details like the lovely wedding dress, the bride’s shoes and the wedding rings.

I was also able to capture the venue for the ceremony before the guests arrived. The setting and décor looked terrific. The young members of the wedding party were also around and looked cherubic. After capturing Katrina, I capture Damien getting ready too. From there, we all headed to the ceremony.

The Ceremony

Karina and Damien’s wedding had four small flower girls who joyfully walked the aisle first spreading flower petals. Next came the bridesmaids with their bouquets looking amazing. After that, Karina was walked down the aisle by her mother. They both looked amazing, and Damien was impressed as he waited.

Karina and Damien had a lovely civil ceremony. It included a hand-binding ritual, then the couple exchanged rings and were declared married. They looked thrilled coming back down the aisle as a married couple. Then it was straight to cocktail hour while I whisked the couple away for their wedding day photos.

The Wedding Day Photo shoot

Karina and Damien had their photo shoot right there in Boyle Hill House grounds. I was able to capture some great shots of them at the secret garden with the trees looking amazing. I captured the gorgeous bride and groom portraits. We used the vintage car as a prop too. You can see how lovely the pictures turned out below. I also took great shots of the couple with their wedding party and the young members of their wedding party.

The Reception

I was able to capture a great picture of the reception space before everyone arrived. The head table was curved and looked terrific. The Chandelier lighting looked magnificent too. Each table was named according to a famous city.

The table décor was a lovely mixture of rustic and a celebration of the city the table was named after. The cake was white with a map of the world etched out in gold. It looked beautiful and greatly complemented the wedding décor. Next, it was celebration galore from the speeches to the couple’s first dance. Then everyone joined in and had a great time.

How Did You Do at Karina And Damien’s Wedding?

This wedding was lovely to document, and I had a great time doing so. It had so many charming and unique elements. Some of those were the hand binding ceremony, the table labels, and the rustic décor. I also love how intimate this wedding was. Karina and Damien had so much fun with their loved ones. I had a great time too and wish them the very best.

I can be your wedding photographer if you’re having your wedding in Cork, Galway, Slane, Killarney, Wicklow, Meath, etc. Capturing beautiful weddings in Ireland is passion. I am however also open to travelling for a destination wedding. Whatever your wedding plans, I’d love to hear from you. All you have to do is reach out to me here at Art Wedding Photography. Contact me today.

Wedding in Boyne Hill House


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