Weddings at Castle Durrow

Weddings at Castle Durrow

Weddings at Castle Durrow

What do you think of a wedding venue with impressive views of terrace gardens and grounds that overlook a flowing river? If this sounds like your kind of space, then you’ll love having your weddings at Castle Durrow. This gorgeous castle dates back to the 18th century and offers couples and their guests a magnificently romantic experience.

As a wedding photographer in Ireland, I love documenting memories at beautiful Irish wedding venues. So, when I had the opportunity to take photos of this gorgeous couple during their weddings at Castle Durrow, I was delighted. Here are some of those lovely pictures and all you need to know about having your wedding at this

  • History

The building of Castle Durrow came at a time when the Irish were transitioning from working farm houses to elegant luxury mansions. As a result, this wedding venue exudes an old-world charm and beauty that you don’t see in many spaces. The architecture is elegant, distinctive and attractive.

Colonel William Flower is who started the building of the Manor in 1712. His family then moved in and continued to expand and improve the castle for over 214 years. The venue is spacious and has a good sense of proportion that will look great in your wedding photography.

Eventually, Castle Durrow was sold to another family and became a college and convent. It then housed a primary and secondary school which stayed open till 1987. It was not however, till the 90s that the current owners bought and began the renovations that make this Castle the beauty it is today.

  • Accessibility

Castle Durrow is about 20 mins away from the Portlaoise/Kilkenny stations. The nearest airport is in Dublin which is just 1 hr 40 mins away. There is also an international Ferry Port about 2hrs away from this wedding venue. So, if you’re planning a destination wedding at Castle Durrow, you and your loved ones can get here quite easily.

  • Your Weddings at Castle Durrow

Castle Durrow has over 20 years history of hosting weddings and can cater to about 250 guests. The space is licensed to host civil ceremonies and has a wedding team ready to help make your celebration a success. You’ll also love the indoor and outdoor wedding options at this venue.

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony at Castle Durrow can take place in the ballroom, on the lawn or the garden area. There are multiple indoor and outdoor spaces for your civil ceremony. Couples who want a wedding blessing can receive it at this venue.

For those interested in a church ceremony, there are four catholic churches within 10 minutes of this estate. You’ll also find a Church of Ireland at the end of the venue’s avenue. All you need to do is speak to the wedding team and they’ll get you started.

Wedding Reception

Castle Durrow has fabulous wedding reception facilities. Whether you want a seated meal or a buffet for your celebration, they’ve got you covered. There is a grand reception room with a south facing terrace where you can have your cocktail and drinks reception. Dancing and dinner can take place in the banquet room with spectacular mirrors and French Doors that open to a terrace.

Wedding Photo Opportunities

The castle with its fantastic architecture is a great backdrop for your wedding pictures. As you can see from this wedding, the atmosphere is elegant and romantic. You’ll look like royalty in your wedding pictures.

The gardens and winding gravel roads are also great for wedding pictures. I can capture you both as you walk hand in hand enjoying and taking in the tranquillity of this venue. The grounds also make a great backdrop for pictures with loved ones and family.

  • Wedding Services

As I already mentioned, this castle has been hosting weddings for over 20 years. They offer lots of services to make your wedding planning a stress free and rewarding experience. Below are some of them.

Wedding Package

Castle Durrow has a wedding planning team on hand to assist couples with the planning of their special day. They also offer a complete wedding day package that include food and drinks for guests, wine, toast drinks, and an evening buffet. You’ll love the food at this venue as it is delicious and fresh.


Castle Durrow has up to 30 rooms for wedding guests and a complimentary suite for the bride and groom. There is overnight accommodation for the couple and the romantic rooms in the main house are great for your getting ready pictures. It’ll give your wedding photos an air of sophistication and grandeur.


Your wedding menu at this castle is designed by your and an award-winning head chef. This ensures that everything served on your special day is of high quality with a personal touch. All ingredients are sourced locally with things like vegetables, fruits and herbs coming from the castle’s own garden.


Couples who have their wedding at Castle Durrow can either choose to do their own décor or work with the castle’s team. They’ll be ready to find details that fit your wedding vision and complement your wedding colours. All you have to do is explain what you require to the wedding planning team.

  • Extras

In addition to the regular wedding amenities and services, here are some extras offered by this venue that you might love.

Special Welcome

Castle Durrow rolls out a red carpet to special welcome you and your guests to your celebration. The bride and the groom also receive complimentary champagne, flowers and personalised chocolate favours. A complimentary menu and wine tasting is also available to the couple in the days leading up to their wedding.

Midweek Discount

Couples having a midweek discount ranging as high as 10% depending on availability. The bridal suites and parent rooms as also complimentary for a midweek wedding.

Fun Activities

While at Castle Durrow you can have a fun time participating in Archery or clay pigeon shooting.

  • Conclusion

Castle Durrow is a lovely wedding venue in Ireland and a great place to celebrate your love. They offer lots of services and you’ll love the many opportunities for beautiful wedding pictures at this location. Will you be choosing to have your wedding here?



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