Wrights Anglers Rest Wedding

It was another sunny day great for a wedding in Dublin. It was really obvious that the bride and the groom took family very important. I could see different relatives around the house willing to help them prepare. One thing I couldn’t help was to take amazing shots of the beautiful decorations and gifts that were both for the couple and their bridal squad.

Getting Ready!

The bride started her bridal preparation early and even as she got ready, gifts were being delivered to her. The happy look on her face when she got a really big present giving to her was definitely one to capture. Even though everyone was moving around I still made sure that I was able to capture the memories.

These pictures would definitely make them laugh even after a while. It was so sweet how everyone was helping each other to get ready, even the bride was there to help the flowers girls curl their hair for the ceremony. An important aspect for wedding photography is to capture the bride while she’s getting her makeup done alongside capturing detailed pictures of her wedding gown.

The groom was certainly not left behind as I captured him looking all handsome putting on his suite and his classy shoes. After everyone was ready, it was definitely time for pictures! The parents looked stunning in their outfits. Unique pictures were also taken of the bride in her room and with her bridesmaids. It was obviously a happy day for everyone and I could feel the excitement in the entire house.

The Time Has Come!

As the bride walked down the aisle in her eye-catching gown, I had to get the best angle to capture her facial expression and also as the groom watched her come to him. After the vows were said, we decided to move into the woods to take personal pictures of the couple.

All I could see from this couple was how in love they were. I didn’t even need to stress too much about giving them poses because it came naturally.

As an experienced photographer, I knew that getting up close pictures were very necessary and need to be flawless. After the shoot, we moved to the reception area which was so beautifully decorated.

Sharing this experience and capturing these moments was certainly one I would never forget!

Venue : Wrights Anglers Rest