Wrights Findlater Howth Wedding

This was another beautiful unique summer wedding in Dublin filled with the warm sun rays and the cool breeze which made the atmosphere so accommodating for a wedding ceremony. The sky was cloudy and bright which made me excited for my photography session.

It’s Almost Time

Watching the bride get her hair done was interesting for me because of the amount of time that was put into it. As she was getting her hair braided, she was surrounded by her friends who were chatting and making her excited. When her hairs were done, her makeup was started. It added the hint of elegance that she needed to complete here bridal look.

As expected, I took a lot of subtle shots as she was getting ready. Although, there were curious comments as to the angle that I was taking the shots but after I showed them a few, they were amazed. As an experienced photographer, I learned the technique involved in taking shots to make it stand out.

Even as the bride was still preparing, taking nice shots of the outdoors and the sky was also important for me because this would serve as a good memory for them in years to come seeing how nice the weather was for their big day. The next thing on my list was to take detailed pictures of her dress and her shoes.

I got inspired to take the dress outdoor to take a shot of it because the touch of color added to it was complemented with the trees. Her flat shoes were designed with lace and this definitely needed personal attention.

After she was done getting prepared, I escorted her outside for her personal shots. The weather and the trees were in sync and it made my job a lot easier. The rays of sun penetrated through he leaves and this added a little more filter to my shots.

It’s Time!

She walked down the staircase so majestically and then we went to the beach to take more photos. The river had reflections of the sun and this just served as an amazing background for her. She felt so comfortable with me and this made her display different styles. All I had to do was to come from different angles. The venue for the ceremony was decorated with turquoise blue and it was just lovely. As she walked down the aisle, her groom couldn’t stop staring at her even as they said their vows and signed the documents. The couple paid attention to everyone who wanted to greet them and were so accommodating.

At this point, I just took so many pictures of every moment that needed to be captured. We moved to the river side and other amazing sites to take personal pictures of the couple after which we went back to the reception area. All I could see was joy and excitement from the couple and their guests during the entire ceremony.

Wrights Findlater Howth Wedding

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