A beautifully handcrafted wedding albums keeps memories of your wedding day forever! 

W E D D I N G  P H O T O  A L B U M S

Beautiful Memories, those flashing images of a time when we either would love to re-live or deep ourselves one last time, but in reality, that isn’t possible else we would all live in a fantasy. So brings these our wishes to reality, we learned, developed, and refined ways through which we can go back time, and feel superhuman again. However, it is beautiful that modern technology has allowed us to digitalize these memories at the snap of how fingers etched permanently on our devices. But how long before a new wave of technology ushers in a system of storage and flush out the patrons of memories? Even losing these storage devices could be hurtful, as they store a lot of our memories in devices that could crash or get corrupted.

A N  A B S O L U T E  M A S T E R P I E C E !

Now, a beautifully handcrafted album, stitched with the precision of a thousand angels and bound in an everlasting papyrus feel, can never go wrong. These beauties can be used to store your most memorable moments, and would never go out of style. To put the icing on the cake – or more like your wedding cake – these handcrafted albums can keep memories of your wedding day in beautiful pages that would elicit the memories like you are there once again.

I T ' S  A  R E A L  B O O K !

The pages of a book are said to hold the memories of a thousand smiles, same with that of a well-designed wedding album, as the images are ones you would share with glee during anniversaries, or to your grand kids. You would have tales to pass for every moment that lies on those beautiful pages and smile at the person you grew from to become who you are now.

Timeless and Classy Matte Weddings Albums

Our Matte wedding albums are the exquisitely designed photographic albums that are filled with the beautiful memories of your wedding day. Our technique of creating these albums are so sophisticated that the quality of your images is not lost in the process of production due to the use of high-grade photographic paper. This paper is well designed to preserve the quality of pictures for a very long time without them yellowing, as the chemicals that cause yellowing of paper are not present. To keep the album more durable for our clients, the pages of the album are edged, and protective corners are used upon request.

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L I N E N  W E D D I N G  A L B U M

We offer Linen wedding albums for your pleasure, and to make those memories something you want to hold on to forever. These linen wedding albums are so sophisticated in their design that you would love the very feel of the crafting. The album, which is also handcrafted, has the images printed on Matte paper, which has been well processed for optimum quality.

The 80-page album gives enough space to have these beautiful moments etched forever on the album, and they come in different sizes depending on your preference. The most common size is the 12-inch design, as it gives ample space and a better compactness. The eco-friendly paper is also a reason why you should use this album, as the archival paper used is from the top quality shelf of papers.

The cover, which is linen, which stands over the square wedding album, and its glossy print on matte paper, is always a winner when it comes to exquisite looks and better-handcrafted design.

S i z e s  :

8 x 8 – € 4 0 0      10 x 10 – € 5 0 0      12 x 12 – € 6 0 0

K A S H M I R  F I N I S H  A L B U M

If you are a sucker for quality finishes for paperback, then you should not have an issue opting for the Kashmir finish for your wedding album. The Kashmir wedding album is made with a well handcrafted matte printing that keeps your image in the same state as it was printed after a long while, so you can zero out yellowing pages.

The texture of the matte against your hands while you show these memories is what gives us the satisfaction that we have done a great job. The cover, which is made from actual Kashmir, gives so much realism to your memories, which are etched through high definition digital printing on your wedding album.

Clients also get to choose the size of their photo album, which could be the 8×8”, 10 x 10”, and 12 x 12” to fit your preference. With 80 pages to feel your memories, then you should be at no loss of what wedding memory frame should be preserved in your wedding album.

So, you have quite an array of options to select from when it comes to choosing the right wedding album that would suit, and bear your memories. Wedding albums don’t need to be boring or made from substandard materials, as they can make picking them up, or showing them off an issue.

S i z e s  :

8 x 8 – € 4 0 0      10 x 10 – € 5 0 0      12 x 12 – € 6 0 0

F L U S H  M O U N T  W E D D I N G  A L B U M S

For some couples who might feel they aren’t cut out for the usual Matte-styled albums, then the Flush Mount albums are just the right choice for them. The Flush Mount Albums are a contemporary-styled way of producing photo albums for the daring couples who just love to stand out. Since it’s your day, then you get to choose the style that suits you perfectly. For the Flush Mount, the pages of the album are a borderless print, which is served on a rigid board featuring one or more images placed strategically depending on the style.

Our clients get to choose from any of the two formats for Flush mount albums, which could be either the Coffee table style or Magazine style. Each of the styles has its unique format so couples can decide on the one that suits their needs.

Magazine-styled Flush Mount albums most times have a full-page image as a background image, while other images overlap. These images are printed on our well-treated paper, which eradicates page yellowing, and the images are well coated for protection and eliminate sticking. The Coffee table style, however, uses distinct pictures that do not overlap each other and have a distinct border for better organization.

The Flush Mount albums are a modern and chic way of making wedding albums, as they take their inspirations from magazine-styled designs. The production of these albums are well crafted, and the handcrafting is painstakingly done to assure our clients of a perfect wedding album.

S i z e s  :

8 x 8 – € 4 0 0      10 x 10 – € 5 0 0      12 x 12 – € 6 0 0

S A M P L E  O F  O U R  W E D D I N G  A L B U M  C O V E R SL i n e n  |  L e a t h e r  |  K a s h m i r | V e l v e t

Choose from any of our catalog of designs, or you could even get creative and come up with your own designs. We have just the right design to cater to your needs as we intend to help capture your wedding memories. Our clients can be rest assured of well sophisticated handcrafted albums made from eco-friendly and quality materials.

When it comes to binding of the wedding albums, a very sturdy and durable cardboard core is used to ensure that the album is firmly held together through wear that might occur from time. All these well finished components come together to give you the finesse of a perfectly crafted wedding album.

Our clients get to choose from our arrays of leather covers for added protection, such as Kashmir or Linen, while names you could have names embossed to provide personalization of albums.









Our attention when producing our bespoke albums is top-notch, and the handcrafted process is seamless through our use of eco-friendly and quality materials. Clients are offered quality production, as every detail of the process is well scrutinized for the excellent delivery of your photo album. Our use of archival paper for printing the images, allows your album to withstand the weather without losing its quality forever. The photos also are put through a direct imaging process, which allows the images to be displayed on both sides of the page, and also eradicates creasing when flipping through.

The lay-flat design of your wedding album, coupled with quality binding finish are part of the offering we assure you, through our understanding of the art of wedding album creation.